Tammy Slaton Slammed as “Selfish” for Wedding Request, General Behavior

Tammy Slaton is hearing it from 1000-lb Sisters fans and viewers at the moment.

And not very much of what she’s hearing is positive.

Over the last couple episodes of this TLC reality show, folks have gone back in time a few months to when Tammy got engaged and then got married to Caleb Willingham, a man she met in rehab.

A man she met in rehab and only knew for a few weeks before accepting his proposal, we should add.

Tammy Slaton is looking great these days, isn’t she? We’re so very proud of her.

Upon learning that her sister was engaged to a man she barely knew, Amy Slaton reacted in a recent confessional with extreme skepticism.

“I’m genuinely trying to give Tammy everything she wanted in a wedding but I’m just so scared it’s gonna end up in travesty,” Amy said on air.

“What if you end up going home and figuring out you just didn’t wanna be married after all?

“Once they get home and reality sets in, who knows what’ll happen?”

We’ve since read reports that Tammy’s marriage may, indeed, be in trouble because Caleb has not yet relocated to live near her in Kentucky.

But let’s return to the past for a moment before focusing on the present and/or future.

On one of these Season 4 1000-lb Sisters episodes, Tammy asked Amy to be her bridesmaid — and then got very angry when Amy expressed hesitation.

“It’s awful soon sis,” Amy replied, citing her young children as the basis for why it wasn’t an ideal time for her to help plan Tammy’s big day and adding:

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“I’m ready to do this for you, I am. It’s just… I got a lot going on with Glenn and Gage.”

Tammy fired back immediately, referring to this as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and shooting down any concerns about her children as follows:

“There will be a lot of people there to help you take care of the babies, including myself. So I call bullsh-t.”

Eventually, Amy agreed to be the maid of honor — and also to plan a wedding that was set for just two weeks down the line.

And THIS explains the backlash that has since been aimed in Tammy’s direction.

1000-lb Sistersí Amy Slaton spotted looking euphoric days after split from husband Michael in new pics with sister Tammy.

“That’s is beyond selfish of Tammy to say ‘when the kids are sleeping you could be looking for party supplies’ when she has NO IDEA how exhausting it can be to be a mother,” one social media wrote in reply to a scene from a March episodde.

Another critic agreed:

“I don’t think Amy wants to spend her free time planning a wedding for her sister to marry someone she hardly knows.”

A third also came down hard on Tammy, stating for the Internet record:

“She’s so selfish, why can’t Tammy do the planning?”

Wow, huh?!?! It’s a brand new Tammy Slaton, as the reality star has clearly dropped a great deal of weight.

These days, things seem generally okay between Tammy and Amy… for an unfortunate reason.

The latter is preparing for file for divorce.

According to insiders, she and her kids have moved out of the home they shared for years with Amy’s husband Michael and are now living with Tammy.

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