Conor Lamb & Gun Control: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Democrat Conor Lamb’s strong showing in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District special election lends itself to different analyses. By one count, Lamb’s success in a historically Republican district demonstrates the weakness of the president and GOP heading into midterms, since Donald Trump won the district by 20 points and Lamb, as of early on March 14, was leading by 579 votes against the Republican in the race, Rick Saccone.

However, there is another read: That read holds that one reason Lamb won was because he split from the Democratic position papers on a series of core issues, mirroring the Republican platform on a host of topics, including abortion and tariffs. Central among those issues: Guns, a cause that many other Democrats have seized nationally since the Florida school shooting in particular.

Yet Lamb, their candidate of the moment supports, gun rights (among some other conservative views.) What exactly are Conor Lamb’s views on gun issues and gun control?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Lamb’s Campaign Advertisement Declared That He ‘Loves to Shoot’

Lamb’s first campaign ad didn’t shy away from the gun issue: It ran right toward it. “He grew up here…served four years in the Marines. Still loves to shoot. Became a federal prosecutor,” the advertisement says.

The ad says that Lamb believes the Democrats and Republicans need new leaders in Congress, and it stresses that he will fight for jobs, healthcare, and social security. “He’s fed up with gridlock. Conor Lamb will work with anyone to get the job done,” the ad says.

The narrator’s shooting comment appears in the ad with a photo of Conor Lamb shooting a weapon at a gun range. You can watch the ad above.

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Conor Lamb: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

2. Lamb Said New Gun Laws Aren’t the Answer to Stopping Mass Shootings

GettyLamb, Democratic congressional candidate speaks to reporters after escorting his grandmother Barbara Lamb to her polling station.

Lamb was asked about his gun positions after the Florida High School shooting plunged the “gun conversation” right into the center of the nation’s public debate. On February 16, he told “that new gun laws aren’t the answer to preventing more mass shootings like the one at a Florida high school.” He made the comments the same week as the school shooting.

The newspaper further reported that “Lamb said changing individual laws — such as a proposed ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines — isn’t the place to start addressing gun violence.”

“I think that the emotions that a lot of us are feeling right now are very raw because we know that there’s not one thing we can do with the stroke of a pen or one thing you can ban,” he told TribLive. “We need a comprehensive answer on mental health.”

According to CNN, “He’s called for a stronger system of background checks but no new gun restrictions.”

“He took a bipartisan stance on gun reform after the massacre at a Florida school in late February, saying he would …read more



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