Coachella 2024: Sabrina Carpenter performs new song ‘Espresso’

Sabrina Carpenter has had quite the busy year. After opening up for Taylor Swift during her sold out Eras tour earlier this year, the pop artist is now playing on the main stage at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. It’s the “Nonsense” artist’s first time performing at the annual festival, something she celebrated with the crowd in a break between songs.


Sabrina Carpenter has taken the main stage for her very first Coachella. #coachella #coachella2024 #sabrinacarpenter #coachellafashion #sabchella

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While most of Carpenter’s hour long set were songs from her 2022 album “Emails I Can’t Send,” the artist performed her latest single “Espresso” for the first time. Carpenter announced the song last week and teased it, promoting it with billboards around Palm Dessert.


Sabrina Carpenter performs her new song Espresso during Weekend One of Coachella 2024, her first time performing at the music and arts festival. #coachella #coachella2024 #sabrinacarpenter #coachellafashion #sabchella

♬ original sound – Reporter Carolyn

Shortly after Carpenter took the stage #sabchella start trending on social media.

SABCHELLA WAS INSANE! cat approves #Coachella @SabrinaAnnLynn @TeamSabrina

— vinoj • tortured poet (@MRPERFECTLYFlNE) April 13, 2024

sabchella you will always be famous!

— charlotte ⸆⸉ ♡ tortured poet (@lottiesivygrows) April 13, 2024

THE MIC WAS ONNNNNN #Coachella #sabchella #sabrinacarpenter

— mel (@missmoroccana) April 13, 2024

oh sabchella you better SERVEEEE

— head taybrina⸆⸉ 樂★ (@headtaybrina) April 13, 2024

and if i say because i liked a boy performance was the best from today’s set… #BRINACHELLA #SABCHELLA #Coachella

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— sãge is caffeinated (@euteerpe) April 13, 2024

oh sabrina the generational talent that you are. #sabchella

— yellowjacket #17 (caffeinated) (@prophecygrrrrl) April 13, 2024


— lam is so american | COWBOY CARTER 𐚁 (@yoncesswift) April 13, 2024

me when sabrina does the read your mind to feather transition: #SABCHELLA

— sebastian (@kingpoIIo) April 13, 2024

streamed #sabchella at red lobster @TeamSabrina @SabrinaAnnLynn

— dwaigne (@imgrowingold) April 13, 2024

the set design, the arrangement, the band, the concepts and interludes LITERALLY EVERYTHING?? OH GIVE MY BITCH HER TENS. #SABCHELLA

— 𝐉𝐎𝐄𝐘 . (@kordeisgrande) April 13, 2024

she just did that and i couldn’t be any prouder #sabchella

— meike ⋆౨ৎ˚⟡˖ ࣪ (@meikejanssen_) April 13, 2024

sabrina carpenter wearing a “jesus was a carpenter” shirt at coachella #sabchella

— dea is such a tyrant (@deathefangirl) April 13, 2024

all of the interlude visuals were sooooo stunning #Sabchella

— aly² (@dahliaeternal) April 13, 2024

One of the most talked about moments from every Sabrina Carpenter performance is her viral “Nonsense” outro. In 2023 the artist started freestyling different outros to the song based on the city or venue she was performing at. The moment has taken a life of its own on social media with fans rushing to post a clip of the lyrics online.


Sabrina Carpenter’s Nonsense outro during night one of Coachella 2024. This is her very first time performing at Coachella. #coachella #coachella2024 #sabrinacarpenter #coachellafashion #sabchella

♬ original sound – Reporter Carolyn

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Fans also spotted some familiar faces in the crowd such as Becky G and Barry Keoghan.

| Becky G supporting Sabrina Carpenter at #Coachella #Sabchella

— Sabrina Daily Updates (@SCdailyupdates) April 13, 2024

| Barry Keoghan Supporting Sabrina Carpenter at #Coachella  #Sabchella

— Sabrina Daily Updates (@SCdailyupdates) April 13, 2024

oh he’s so kris jenner

— tyler at sabchella (@yntcdty) April 13, 2024

| @SabrinaAnnLynn‘s friends and band members are wearing special t-shirts for #Sabchella.

“Sabrina is the best person to work with ever. Wow, I can’t believe we’re at Coachella. This is awesome Sabrina is SO funny and cool”

— Sabrina Carpenter All-News (@SCANews_) April 12, 2024

Carpenter will be perform again on the Main Stage starting at 6 p.m. during Weekend Two of Coachella.

Here’s a look at her Weekend One set list:

“Fast Times”
“Read Your Mind”
“Tornado Warnings”
“Already Over”
“Emails I Can’t Send”
“All Because I Liked A Boy”
“Bet U Wanna”

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