‘We should arm our spacecraft’

‘Yes, militarize space’

Rich Lowry at National Review

The Pentagon is reportedly working on improving its ability to wage war in space, says Rich Lowry. “It’s about time.” The “romantic nonsense” about keeping space “pristine” is dangerous. “Even if we wanted to keep space weapons-free, space is already a domain central to modern military operations.” The Pentagon depends on communications and “reconnaissance provided by space.” And one day space-based weapons could “intercept nuclear weapons.” Dominating this “contested domain” is crucial to “deter and win wars.” 

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‘Your total tax burden would probably go up under Trump. Yes, up.’

Catherine Rampell in The Washington Post

Donald Trump vows to extend his 2017 personal income-tax cuts, but poor and middle-class Americans would see their tax burdens rise under another Trump presidency, says Catherine Rampell. “Only the highest-earners come out ahead.” That’s because Trump also wants to impose a universal 10% tariff on “all products from every country” — plus 60% on Chinese-made goods. These import taxes get passed on to consumers “in the form of higher prices,” which burdens lower-income households most.  

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‘Can Nikki Haley do the right thing?’

A.B. Stoddard at The Bulwark

Nikki Haley has a big decision to make, says A.B. Stoddard. Will the runner-up in the race for the Republican presidential nomination embrace Donald Trump’s “planned autocracy” or “separate herself from the GOP and risk ending her political career”? If she endorses the party’s presumptive nominee, she’ll essentially be telling “disaffected Republicans” that the “former president’s quest for unchecked power is acceptable.” Withholding support would be a “patriotic gesture” but could mean “instant MAGA banishment.” Her decision could decide the election.

  The UK's first TikTok election

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‘Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s pardon of man who killed protester undermines trust in the justice system’

Los Angeles Times editorial board

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) pardon of “convicted murderer” Daniel Perry threatens the “integrity and independence of the justice system,” says the Los Angeles Times editorial board. Perry drove up Black Lives Matter protesters in Austin and fatally shot a white protester, Air Force veteran Garrett Foster, who was legally carrying a military-style rifle. Perry admitted Foster didn’t point his gun, and jurors rejected his self-defense claim. Abbott’s partisan pardon substitutes “his own judgment” for the jury’s.

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