Quiz of The Week: 15 – 21 June

“There is no gambling like politics,” as Benjamin Disraeli once said. But in this case, it is very literal gambling that’s got Westminster talking – namely an investigation into claims that multiple Tory insiders placed bets on the date of the general election just before it was announced by Rishi Sunak. 

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Joe Biden embarked on a political gamble of his own, unveiling plans to make it easier for undocumented spouses of American citizens to apply for US residency. The scheme is a bold “pitch to progressive-minded voters”, said Vox, but a risky sell to a public “becoming open to more hardline immigration policies”.

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And now, find out how closely you’ve been paying attention to the latest news and other global events by putting your knowledge to the test with our Quiz of The Week.  

1. Which country did Vladimir Putin visit immediately after his much-vaunted trip to North Korea?


2. The Boston Celtics beat which team in the NBA Finals, securing their 18th championship triumph? 

Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors Dallas MavericksMiami Heat

3. “House of the Dragon” returned to our screens for a second season this week. What was the title of episode one?

“The Black Queen””Second of His Name””A Son for a Son””King of the Narrow Sea”

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4. Recent research suggests that new fathers experience what kind of brain changes? 

An increase in sizeA reduction in grey matter A more active cerebral cortexIt remains unchanged 

5. Which French footballer used a pre-Euros press conference to urge his compatriots to reject “extremes” at the upcoming election?

Antoine GriezmannWilliam SalibaKylian MbappéOlivier Giroud

6. Louisiana enacted a law requiring all public schools to display what inside classrooms? 

A crossThe Ten Commandments A portrait of the governor A statue of the state’s bird 

7. Newly released documents revealed that Amazon’s Rekognition AI, which can read emotions, has been trialled where?

HospitalsRailway stationsAirportsUniversities

8. What is the name of the rare genetic variant associated with delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease?

Bogotá variant Purple chrome variantSiesta variantChristchurch variant

9. According to new biography “The House of Beckham”, cost-conscious David Beckham served £2.99 bottles of which wine at a Unicef fundraiser?

PiesporterLiebfraumilchHockBlue Nun

10. Which country did not attend the two-day Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland?

ChinaRussiaIndiaSaudi Arabia 

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1. Vietnam
Putin touched down in Hanoi after his state visit to North Korea, hoping to strengthen Russia’s historical ties with communist-ruled Vietnam. He follows Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, who have both visited the country in the past year.

2. Dallas Mavericks
Boston won 106-88 against the Mavericks in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, giving them a record 18th NBA title and a first championship since 2008.  

3. “A Son for a Son”
The season two premiere of the “Game of Thrones” spin-off met with praise from critics, with The Guardian’s Rebecca Nicholson calling it “unmissable and thrilling television”.

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4. A reduction in grey matter
Brain imaging revealed that, like new mothers, “men experienced a reduction in grey matter before and after they became fathers”. Shrinking grey matter “might fine-tune the brain to work more efficiently” and foster a closer bond between father and child.

5. Kylian Mbappé
Jordan Bardella, leader of the far-right National Rally, said “multimillionaires” should not lecture “people who can no longer make ends meet”. Find out more on this week’s episode of The Week Unwrapped podcast.

6. The Ten Commandments 
Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a law on Wednesday requiring all public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments. Louisiana is the first state to mandate such displays since a similar Kentucky law was struck down in 1980.

7. Railway stations
Internal documents from Network Rail, which manages the UK’s rail infrastructure, detail trials of the AI software in several stations, including London Euston and Manchester Piccadilly, and said it could be used to assess “customer satisfaction”.

8. Christchurch variant
The APOE3 gene, also known as the Christchurch variant, can potentially delay the onset of cognitive decline and dementia by approximately five years. A study found that 27 relatives with just one Christchurch gene developed symptoms roughly five years later than other family members with the early-onset genetic mutation.

9. Liebfraumilch
Tom Bower’s book also includes claims that Victoria expensed bags of Marks & Spencer’s crisps, and David left a Hard Rock Cafe without leaving a tip – supposedly prompting his alleged mistress Rebecca Loos to go public with details of their affair.

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10. China 
Russia was not invited to the peace talks and China, Moscow’s most important ally, did not attend the two-day Ukraine summit, during which 78 countries signed a communique supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

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