‘Always played the game with enthusiasm’

‘Willie Mays was the best to ever play the game’

Frederic J. Frommer at CNN

Choosing the best baseball player ever is a “fraught exercise,” but Willie Mays is the “clear choice, for his superhuman combination of speed and power, his incredible defense, his hitting prowess — and his grace on the baseball diamond,” says Frederic J. Frommer. While a “case can be made for New York Yankees slugger Babe Ruth,” Mays combined his own slugging ability “with outstanding speed and defense, two qualities that were not hallmarks of Ruth’s game.”

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‘Bump stock, gun show verdicts show absurdity of 2nd Amendment absolutism’

The Dallas Morning News editorial board 

Recent court decisions “show the levels of absurdity to which our nation’s gun debate has fallen,” because the “logic of Second Amendment absolutism has officially turned back on itself,” says The Dallas Morning News editorial board. A “critical observer might think that loopholes for flea markets and gun shows would be exactly the kind of back doors conservatives would want to close. But “sorting out who’s on whose side is becoming ever more complicated.”

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‘The lifelong incoherence of Biden’s Israel strategy’ 

David Klion at The Nation 

President Joe Biden “has offered what he has accurately described as “unprecedented” levels of American support for Israel’s retaliatory assault on Gaza,” says David Klion. But “while the narrative that Biden’s support for Israel has been stalwart over decades is broadly accurate, a closer examination of the president’s long career in public life reveals scattered moments of ambivalence.” Biden’s “muddled record” on Israel “accounts for a policy course that voters across the political spectrum find unsatisfactory.”

  Codeword: June 14, 2024

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‘It’s time to reset EU-UK relations’

Daniela Schwarzer at the Financial Times

With corresponding elections in the U.K. and the EU, the “alignment of electoral calendars provides an opportunity” for the EU to improve relations “with a country that is one of the world’s largest economies, a nuclear power, staunch supporter of Ukraine and an obvious stakeholder in Europe’s security concerns,” says Daniela Schwarzer. This will allow the EU a “chance to rethink its approach towards relations with the U.K.” and a rare opportunity to shape the continent’s new political architecture together.”

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