8 cocktail recipes for your every summer need

A margarita stretched for maximum quenching; a blended daiquiri heavy on the coffee; a supremely classic Mint Julep: summer’s drinking requirements are a bit scattered. This game plan has you covered. 

Margarita Soda 

A big, tall margarita is an all-the-better margarita (Image credit: Nico Schinco / Punch)

A well-constructed margarita is always a good idea. A margarita with a base of tequila, agave syrup and fresh lime juice, lengthened with a stretch of club soda? Now, that’s just downright civilized — and ensures you can drink all the more of them.

Carciofi Shandy

Beer meets Cynar (Image credit: Tim Nusog / Liquor.com)

When you weary of the bright zip of summer flavors, this beer cocktail will be happy to transport you elsewhere. Its lick of cinnamon and artichoke-based Cynar ground the drink.

Salted Plum Collins 

The Tom Collins goes on a Southeast Asian gallivant (Image credit: Lizzie Munro / Punch)

A Thai-ish reconsideration of the Tom Collins, this long drink subs vodka for gin and, in a gratifying upheaval, a salted plum bring its concentrated funk-sweet to the refreshing drink.

Jazz Daiquiri

A blended daiquiri that does wake-up calls (Image credit: Abby Hocking / Food & Wine)

A blended daiquiri that merges rum, dark crème de cacao, lime juice and loads of crushed ice. It cools you off while perking you up. 

Classic Mint Julep

The most very classic whiskey Mint Julep (Image credit: John Vals / Imbibe)

Whiskey, simple syrup and a modicum of walloped mint leaves: A bare-bones drink that feels like the essence of a sultry summer afternoon. 

Batida Rosa

Oh, cachaça can do so much more than make caipirinhas (Image credit: Tim Nusog / Liquor.com)

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Shimmering a dusky-red hue and oh-so-very refreshing, this cocktail with pineapple juice and grenadine proves that the Brazilian spirit cachaça plays well in myriad sandboxes.

Vodka Gimlet 

The gimlet will put a sparkle in your eyes (Image credit: Tim Nusog / Liquor.com)

Traditionalists will cry foul, noting this classic should feature gin rather than vodka. Screw ’em. Drink what you like, and you will very much like this simple cocktail with lime juice, sugar and, yes, vodka.

Rosemary Mezcal Fizz 

The heftier, more refreshing side of mezcal (Image credit: Emma Fishman / Bon Appetit)

A mild squishing of a handful of rosemary leaves begins the process for making this lively drink. The piney edge of the rosemary complements the smoky whir of the drink’s mezcal core. A touch of lemon juice adds pluck, and an egg white provides frothy ballast. Bonus: This recipe makes two drinks.

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