‘When Calls The Heart’ Actress Hospitalized Amid ‘Medical Emergency’

The parents of Hallmark Channel actress Mamie Laverock, best known for portraying Rosaleen Sullivan on “When Calls The Heart” — as a child in the first season and as a young adult in season 10 — say the actress has been hospitalized following a harrowing “medical emergency.”

On the evening of May 14, 2024, Rob and Nicole Compton of Vancouver, British Columbia, posted a GoFundMe campaign that provided vague details on their daughter’s health crisis. The page explained that on May 11, Nicole “traveled to Winnipeg to help Mamie, who was having a medical emergency.” She has since been transferred to a Vancouver hospital, they said.

The young actress, who also appeared in the 2018 Hallmark movie “Wedding of Dreams” starring Debbie Gibson, is well known to Hearties for her award-winning role as the daughter of Hope Valley’s Molly Sullivan — played by Johannah Newmarch. In 2014, when Laverock was eight, her character was so traumatized over the death of her dad she couldn’t speak. She won the Young Artists Award for Best Performance in a TV Series for her performance and was nominated for a Leo. Laverock made a celebrated return to the show nearly 10 years later, in 2023.

A GoFundMe for Mamie Laverock’s Family Reached Its Initial Goal Within Hours of Posting

HallmarkLoretta Walsh, Mamie Laverock, Johannah Newmarch and Erin Krakow on season 10 of “When Calls The Heart”

Laverock’s parents did not give specific details about her condition, but said on their GoFundMe page that “Nicole was able to get there in time to save her life.” Originally seen at a hospital in Winnipeg, Laverock was later transferred to one closer to her family in Vancouver.

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Hoping to raise an initial goal of $2,000 to help them make daily visits to see their daughter, who could be hospitalized for at least a month, the Comptons’ GoFundMe reached its goal within hours of their posting as news spread among their friends and WCTH fans.

“We are trying to go every day to support her,” they wrote. “Any contributions would help us be by her side. But this could be upwards of a month or more. We will share all the updates we can. Thank you for all your well wishes.”

Laverock is the oldest of three girls, all of whom have appeared on Hallmark Channel as child actors. In 2019, Rob wrote on Instagram that he and Nicole had been together 13 years and that she “came in to my life with 2 amazing girls 6 years later we had one more.”

Mamie’s sister Laiken appeared in several movies when she was younger, according to IMDb, including the 2015 Hallmark movie “‘Tis the Season for Love” with Sarah Lancaster and Brendan Penny.

Their youngest sister, Cadence Compton, has appeared in multiple Hallmark movies, per her IMDb page, including “An Easter Bloom,” which premiered in April. She was also in 2023’s “Sweeter Than Chocolate” with Eloise Mumford, 2022’s “Inventing the Christmas Prince” starring Tamera Mowry-Housley, and 2018’s “Christmas Bells Are Ringing” with Emilie Ullerup.

Mamie Laverock & Johannah Newmarch Reunited on a Podcast Six Weeks Before Medical Crisis

In season 10 of WCTH, which aired in 2023, Laverock returned to the show to reprise her role as Rosaleen, who had been nannying for a family in another town, according to an episode seven recap by Showbiz CheatSheet.

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Grappling with whether she wanted to move with the family to South Carolina and fresh off turning down a marriage proposal in hopes of pursuing a career, Rosaleen hoped to save money from her nanny job to pay for nursing school, per the recap. When Henry Gowan, the man Rosaleen had always held responsible for her dad’s tragic death, offered to provide her with a college scholarship, the two had a healing heart-to-heart before she headed off to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

On March 26, Laverock and Newmarch appeared together via Zoom on the Heart to Hearties podcast to talk about their WCTH reunion.

Laverock recalled having to audition again for the role of Rosaleen, since producers hadn’t seen her in a decade, and said that getting to return was “amazing.” Newmarch said she was “beside myself with excitement” over getting to reunite with Laverock onscreen.

Laverock said she felt like she needed to re-meet everyone on the cast “because I was also a new version of myself.”

“Being able to come back and see everyone again, it was…crazy because literally no one has, like, physically changed,” Laverock said. “So weird, like, I’m like so much older and everyone here hasn’t even changed.”

Newmarch quipped, “I slipped her a $20 to say that!”

Laverock said she didn’t watch her season one episodes before heading back to Hope Valley “because I feel like that’s kind of what Rosaleen would have done. She kind of left that in the past. She didn’t look back and she kind of just, like, created a new version of herself, like moving forward.”

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“And then coming back,” Laverock continued, “She’s like, getting bombarded with, like, all of these memories and people and it’s just…really overwhelming. But then she also gets the opportunity to…work through the stuff that she didn’t get the opportunity to maybe even like, really feel fully (before).”

During the podcast, Laverock, who graduated from high school in 2022, shared some recent artwork she’d created and said one of her newest pastimes was travel, having explored the western United States a month prior, including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, and Idaho.

Before the Zoom interview ended, Newmarch said, “Mamie and I are going to be getting together in Vancouver and having lunch real soon, but it’s a real joy to just see you in person. I know we’ve
texted a bit maybe but it’s great to see your shining, beautiful face. Keep up the great work
you’re doing on your life.”

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