Teresa Giudice Makes Unexpected Move Amid Feud With Melissa & Joe Gorga

Teresa Giudice sent a gift to her estranged brother, Joe Gorga, but it wasn’t well-received.

On the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”  season 14 episode titled “Margs & Marriage,” Giudice arrived to a meetup with co-star John and Rachel Fuda bearing a gift—for her brother who she no longer speaks to. Giudice and her husband Louie Ruelas showed up with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with a frilly bow and a card taped to the top of it.

“Oh, by the way, that’s for my brother,” Giudice clarified of the gift. “Jackie [Goldschneider] told me he was having a housewarming party, if you guys can bring it to him.”

The Fudas agreed to deliver the gift. But when the meeting ended in a blowup, the couple left without the bottle. The episode ended with a “To Be Continued” message.

Here’s what you need to know:

Melissa Gorga Reacted to the Gift & Fans Had Quite a Reaction

So let me guess… this Bottle of Blue label is going to be Melissa’s storyline for the rest of the season #rhonj pic.twitter.com/SRvLbLZVY2

— MarTEAnis With Eddy (@MarTEAnisEddy) June 10, 2024


In a sneak peek for the upcoming RHONJ episode “Gifts & Receipts,” Rachel Fuda tells Melissa Gorga about the liquor gift. “So they brought a bottle of Blue Label,” she says of her meeting with Giudice and Ruelas. “Teresa said ‘Give this to my brother when you go to his house tonight.’ As like a housewarming gift. With like a card and a bow.”

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Melissa looks stunned. “Are you kidding me?” she asks.

Rachel continues, “I literally looked at it, as I was walking out I looked at it and said ‘I’m not taking that. Go throw it in the [expletive] pool or the woods. They don’t want that.’”

“Joe doesn’t want it,” Melissa agrees.

In a confessional, Melissa admits she’s happy the gift didn’t make its way into her house. “Thank God Rachel didn’t bring that bottle into my house,” she says. “I don’t want anything to do with anything they want to give me. This probably has an air tag in it, it’s probably bugged. Like, I don’t even want that karma or bottle or gift in my home.”

But co-star Dolores Catania later shows up to the housewarming with Giudice’s gift in hand.

While fans will have to wait for the full episode to air, some had a big reaction to Rachel and Melissa’s initial comments about Giudice’s gift.

“Really sad that the gift could be a start to making things better and Teresa’s SIL immediately trashing it. I’ll be interested to see how Joe reacts to the gift,” one viewer wrote on X.

“I’m honestly shocked that Teresa would give them a gift. I think she should’ve have done it, but for Rachel to want to continue the wedge between a family is trash!” another wrote.

“How dare they want to just send a kind gift. They all need to beef with Teresa for a storyline!” another chimed in.

There have been issues between Giudice and Joe and Melissa Gorga ever since the Gorgas joined the cast of RHONJ in season 3.  The family members stopped speaking after filming the 13th season of the Bravo reality show in 2022. The Gorgas skipped Giudice’s wedding to Ruelas in August of that year after a season finale blowout that left their relationship irreparable. So far in season 14, they haven’t spoken to each other at all.

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The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Has Special Meaning For the Gorga Family

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Guidice put special thought into her gift for her brother.

According to BravoTV.com in a 2020 Instagram story, Joey Gorga shared that Johnnie Walker Blue Label was a favorite drink of his late father Giacinto. The Gorga patriarch died in April 2020 following a series of health issues, per People magazine.

“Every Father’s Day, I’d get up in the morning, I’d make my father breakfast, and then we’d have a drink,” Joe Gorga said in the video. “We’d drink a whole bottle by the time people [came] over and enjoy ourselves. So today, I said to my sister and my wife, ‘Since my father’s not here, we’ll drink in honor of him.’”

In the clip, Joe, Melissa, and Giudice all had shots of the pricey blended whiskey ready to go. “We’re going to drink it in honor of him,” Giudice said of her late father.

But three years later, the embattled siblings agreed to go their separate ways.

During the final part of the RHONJ season 13 reunion, Joe Gorga claimed he’d “never say never” regarding a relationship with his only sister. “I am not happy with you, I am upset with you, I will always love you. If you got in a car accident tomorrow, I’m running by your side in that hospital,” he said.

But Giudice fired back with, ”No, like daddy said, you honor me when I’m alive, not when I’m dead. Now, honor me now.”

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Joe then said the best thing to do was forget about each other. “Forget about me, I will forget about you. That’s it,” he said. “Do your thing, leave me alone.”

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