Steelers’ Patrick Queen Claps Back at Ex-Ravens Teammate With Epic Troll Post

There’s a popular saying that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The Baltimore Ravens, including cornerback Marlon Humphrey, have implied using that saying to argue linebacker Patrick Queen made a mistake switching sides in the Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry.

But on June 19, Queen clapped back at Humphrey and his former team without saying or writing a word. Queen posted a video of himself on X (formerly Twitter) watering some very green grass while sipping on what appeared to be wine.

Queen posted his video as a quote tweet to a link of a story on Steelers Depot. The headline of the story read, “Ravens’ Marlon Humphrey Tells Patrick Queen Pittsburgh’s Grass Might Not Be Greener.”

— 🦈 (@Patrickqueen_) June 19, 2024

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey Criticizes Patrick Queen’s Move to Steelers

Humphrey tried not to personally attack Queen or the Steelers on the latest episode of his Punch Line podcast. Instead, he simply sent Queen a warning that the linebacker will eventually miss playing for the Ravens.

The cornerback had the confidence to make such a claim because he said other former teammates have gone through the same thing.

“I’m not hating on Pittsburgh or hating on PQ. But I’ve been with the Ravens for awhile,” Humphrey said. “I’ve seen this same story go down with a lot of guys. ‘It’s the base place on Earth, this new place, it’s not like the Ravens.’ Reality sets in eventually.

“I hope it’s great over there. But you know sometimes, I’m just saying, I’ve seen it once or twice.”

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Humphrey also made it clear he wasn’t pleased that Queen put down Baltimore earlier in the offseason when he praised his new home.

“I don’t even understand why he had to go in on Baltimore like that,” Humphrey said. “The city’s better, the food’s better, the color’s better.’ I don’t know what PQ has got going on. I know he’s happy over there. I did check in on my guy.”

In early June, Queen told The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly that Pittsburgh is “a better atmosphere” for him.

“Everybody is cool, the people are cool, the players are cool, the food spots are better,” Queen said, via Touchdown Wire’s Jarrett Bailey. “I’m more of a true food guy than a seafood guy… It’s a better atmosphere for me here.”

Patrick Queen Says He Took Less Money to Sign With Steelers

Queen leaving the Ravens for the Steelers has obviously been a sore spot for Baltimore players. The linebacker, though, probably hasn’t helped matters with things such as the video he posted on June 19.

In late May, Queen also made things a little worse for the Ravens faithful when he claimed he accepted less money to join the black and gold.

“It was just like five teams in the mix. Some of them were offering some $17 [million per year]. After that it was like, I have a chance to either go win or I have a chance to get paid,” Queen told’s Bobby Kownack. “For me, the difference was like $4 or $5 million. I’m looking at it like, I’ve never been on a losing team before, and then I also don’t want to be a part of anything being rebuilt because I’m trying to win now.

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“I’m really just trying to win right now, get that out the way and then get paid later.”

That could actually be viewed as a negative comment from the Steelers perspective as well. Queen may not have plans to remain in Pittsburgh for the rest of his career.

But Queen clearly sees the Steelers as a contender in 2024. And when Queen and the Steelers play the Ravens this fall, things could be even more testy than they usually are in the rivalry.

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