Sparks Rookie Cameron Brink Discusses Growing up with Godbrother Steph Curry

The WNBA’s No. 2 2024 overall pick, Los Angeles Sparks rookie Cameron Brink, and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry are two of the most prominent figures in basketball today, but their connection goes back to childhood. Their mothers, Sonya Curry and Michelle Bain-Brink, were college roommates at Virginia Tech, while their fathers, Dell Curry and Greg Brink, played together on the Hokies’ basketball team.

This profound family bond is underscored by the fact that the Currys are Brink’s godparents and the Brinks are Steph’s godparents, highlighting a unique and enduring relationship between these basketball dynasties.

It’s clear that Brink really enjoyed her time with Steph as a kid and still values their friendship today as much as ever. Brink sat with Paul George to discuss all things hoops, but the connection between her family and the Curry family was one of the highlights.

“He’s kind of like a theater kid,” Brink said to Paul George about Curry during her recent appearance on Podcast P with Paul George. “He’s just always acting a fool and being silly… You always see him smiling… He’s joking, like life’s just a joy when you’re around him.”

“Life’s just a joy when you’re around him.”

Cameron Brink had some great childhood memories with her godbrother Steph Curry 😅 @PrizePicks

— Podcast P with Paul George (@PodcastPShow) May 20, 2024

Cameron Brink’s entry into the WNBA further enriches the extensive basketball lineage intertwined with Stephen Curry’s family. Stephen’s father, Dell Curry, had a distinguished NBA career, as did his brother, Seth Curry, who is married to Callie Rivers, daughter of Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers.

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Adding to this basketball dynasty, Stephen’s sister, Sydel, is married to NBA player Damion Lee, a former teammate of Stephen with the Golden State Warriors. The intricate web of familial and professional connections highlights basketball’s profound impact on the Curry family’s legacy.

Cameron Brink Says Kawhi Leonard is Hillarious

Despite Kawhi Leonard’s reserved nature, he is reportedly quite funny, according to Brink. While sitting with Paul George, she recently shared her experience shooting a New Balance commercial with Leonard, highlighting Leonard’s unexpected humor. She recounted how she managed to make him laugh several times on set and even referred to him as “a male Aubrey Plaza.”

“The funniest part, though, was Kawhi. And he is funny as s—. He is funny. And all the New Balance guys, like our head marketing guys (was) like we haven’t seen anybody make him laugh more than you. So I was like, give me my flowers”, said Brink.

She even went on to call out the Clippers star in hopes that he was watching the podcast. “Kawhi, if you’re watching this. I don’t even remember what I was saying, but he was doing like the (mocks Kawhi laugh)… He’s so funny. He’s like the male version of Aubrey Plaza – blunt, dry humor. And he kept saying, ‘When is this going to be over?… When do we get to go home? Are we done yet?’…”

Paul George has frequently highlighted Leonard’s comedic side, affirming that he is one of the funniest players on the Clippers. This behind-the-scenes camaraderie reveals a different facet of Leonard, contrasting with his stoic public persona.

Brink Throws First Pitch at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles can’t seem to get enough of Cameron Brink. Aside from her podcast with Clippers star Paul George, the Sparks rookie forward was invited to throw out the first pitch for a Dodgers game. Brink was joined by fellow Sparks first-round pick Rickea Jackson. They had the honor of throwing out the first pitch on the May 20 matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Rookies Rickea Jackson and Cameron Brink throw the first pitches at Dodger Stadium

— Women’s Hoops Network (@WomensHoops_USA) May 21, 2024

With a couple of WNBA games already under their belts, Brink, selected as the No. 2 pick, and Jackson, the No. 4 pick, are quickly acclimating to the professional stage. This dynamic duo is part of a standout draft class featuring collegiate stars like Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and Kamilla Cardoso. These emerging talents are poised to usher in a new era for women’s basketball, bringing fresh energy and excitement to the sport.

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