Rylee Arnold Clears Up Her Relationship Status With Harry Jowsey

Rylee Arnold

set the record straight on her relationship with her “Dancing With the Stars” partner Harry Jowsey.

The first-time pro dancer and the “Too Hot to Handle” star made headlines for their flirty chemistry during the 32nd season of the ABC dancing competition last fall. They also played coy whenever they were asked if they were an item. When asked to clarify his status with the dancer, Jowsey even egged the rumors on.

“We just enjoy hanging out with each other and we love each other,” he said in October 2023. “So, it’s been great. Keep the mystery in it.”

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight in a May 2024 interview, Arnold, 18, gave fans an update on her status with Jowsey and admitted that what the public saw was different than what was really going on.

Rylee Arnold & Harry Jowsey Stayed in the Friend Zone

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In the interview, Arnold addressed Jowsey’s recent admission that he was dating a mystery woman else while he was a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”  Jowsey, 26, made the reveal on the debut episode of his podcast, “Boyfriend Material,” in May 2024.

Arnold was asked if there was ever something romantic between her and Jowsey. “I mean probably to the public it probably seemed like it because there was obvious chemistry,” she admitted. “We had so much fun together and I’m truly so grateful for the relationship I built and the friendship I built with him. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for my first season. And I’m just so happy for his recent successes and everything he’s doing with his life right now.”

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Arnold also confirmed that he keeps in touch with the reality star. “Of course,” she said. “He’s one of my best friends and he’ll be one of my best friends for the rest of my life.”

There Were Rumors About Trouble Between Rylee & Harry

ABCHarry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold.

When Jowsey’s podcast was first released, he claimed that he set boundaries with Arnold up front regarding their relationship. After revealing he had a “secret” girlfriend while he was on DWTS,  he told fans, “Rylee and I set boundaries from the start. I told her ‘I am not the right guy for you.’”

“I have got a very colorful past as you guys know,” he added. “And she’s so fresh to this scene and this industry and everything. Like that it’s, just it would feel like I would be robbing her of her 20s. … Also guys I’m 26, she’s 18, remember.”

Jowsey added, “I’m sorry if this answer breaks some hearts, but I’m here to confirm once and for all Rylee and I have never been in any type of relationship.”

Arnold previously touted her single status. She even told The Weekly Trash” podcast that she enjoyed being single. “I’m at this point where I’m just like I’m in no rush to, like, have somebody in my life,” she said in December 2023, shortly after DWTS season 32 wrapped.

She also admitted that had she been in a relationship during her first season as a “Dancing With the Stars” pro, it would have likely held her back from other opportunities. “I feel like I thrived on my own and did it all on my own and I just want to continue to do that for as long as possible,” Arnold said. “I’m in no rush and I’m not looking for anything but if something happens something happens.”

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