RHONJ Producer Explains How Melissa Gorga Gives Her a ‘Hard Time’

Bravo is taking a look behind the curtain. “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga chatted with RHONJ co-executive producer Serife in a May 16 clip posted to Bravo’s Daily Dish, and the two spoke about their relationship and the process of filming RHONJ together.

“I feel like you’re kind of like one of us,” Gorga told Serife. “You vibe like us, so I do like whenever you’re around. You give me a sense of comfort. But I think you give all the girls a sense of comfort. And I feel like you’re very good that way, you’re good at keeping the peace.”

“Yeah I hope that I try to give each of my girls the attention that they need,” Serife responded, to which Gorga added, “Yeah, for sure. I feel that from you. And I feel like it’s hard with producers because we’re all like ‘Who’s your favorite? Why do you like her? Why were you over there?’”

“I know, I feel like you give me a hard time sometimes,” Serife added, before admitting that her opinion on who is right and wrong in a given argument changes from case to case, however she and the rest of the production team like when the RHONJ stars give them sass.

RHONJ Producer Explains How Melissa Gorga Differs From Her Co-Stars

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Serife, earlier in her behind-the-scenes talk with Gorga, also opened up about one way the RHONJ star differs from the rest of her castmates. “I feel like what stands out to me is you have a very different way with how you throw shade,” Serife said.

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“Yes, I’m a different type of shade,” Gorga said, with clips of her calling her castmates “losers” and telling them to “control themselves” interspersed throughout. “I just find other ways to tell people that they’re losers or whatever it is.”

Serife also added that while Gorga is usually polite with the production team, she is never afraid to speak up if she feels the visuals of a certain shot could be better, especially as it pertains to lighting. “You know how you want something to look. You might want to, like, change up the space that we’re using, so you might push back on that a little bit,” the producer shared.

Gorga agreed, saying, “I think that’s my biggest pushback a lot of the times, like, they’ll turn off lights and I’m like ‘No, I like that chandelier, I really want it on,” and they’re like ‘You’re not going to look good with that light over your head.’”

Melissa Gorga Looks Back on RHONJ Anniversary

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Not only is Gorga reflecting on her behind-the-scenes memories, the RHONJ star also marked 13 years since her first episode of the show aired on Bravo. “Yesterday marked 13 years from my 1st episode airing on #RHONJ 🥹 It was May 16th 2011. Looking back at all these scenes are so funny to me🤣 and @joeygorgajr 😩😩😩 Where’s my babyyyyyy,” Gorga captioned a May 17 Instagram post.

The post included a scene from her first season in which Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga is building her a music studio in their family home.

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