Loose pedal swans to the Montrose Horseshoe, grist for the Chicago fishing advisory committee

A pedal swan sailed loose on Humboldt Lake, a source of annoyance among anglers and residents.

Provided by Modesto Perez

Modesto Perez lived in Humboldt Park for more than 45 years and the pedal swans finally got him.

“I was wondering about these SWANS that are in the park are destroying the fish habitat,” he emailed. “Here’s a picture of one that  got loose. The lily pads are being destroyed. The person that’s running this program with the swans and  the bikes doesn’t give a DAMN about Humboldt Park and was supposed to start on Memorial Day and finish on Labor Day but it seems to me there’s no regulating this.”

The topic came up Thursday at the Chicago Fishing Advisory Committee meeting at 31st Street Harbor and others had multiple complaints, too. The word and photos were passed to the Chicago Park District.

As new chair Stacey Greene-Fenlon said, that’s the sort of thing the committee should be tackling.

Discussions also included the disrepair of the Montrose Horseshoe, the Navy Pier Marina and the disrepair of the Calumet Park launch. The committee now has an email for such things: Chiagofishingadvisory@gmail.com.

I highly advise using that email. The committee does not meet in person during the summer months, but still deals with issues and passes information via emails.

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