Lindsay Hubbard Claps Back at Critics of Her Pregnancy Timeline & Mystery Boyfriend

Lindsay Hubbard is living in her comments section—and fans are living for it.

Days after the “Summer House” star dropped the bombshell news that she is pregnant, she shared a detailed timeline of events and responded to fan comments.

On July 4, 2024, Hubbard posted to Instagram to announce she is expecting her first child with her new boyfriend in late 2024. The news came less than a year after her former fiancé Carl Radke ended their engagement on camera. Hubbard has yet to publicly name her new man.

Hubbard, 37, is known for her “timelines.”  Before her relationship with Radke blew up, she penned a “Timeline for Life” while dating her ex, Stephen Traversie.  Her timeline goals included marriage by age 35 and motherhood at age 36.

On July 8, Hubbard posted a series of photos to Instagram as she laid out her secret pregnancy, timeline-style—and fans had a lot to say about it.

Lindsay Hubbard Said She Doesn’t Owe Fans Anything More

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Hubbard’s slideshow included photos of her glammed up for several friends’ weddings, for magazine photoshoots, and for appearances on “Watch What Happens Live” and the “Summer House” season 8 reunion, which taped in May— one month after she learned she was pregnant. One of the wedding photos also featured the father of her child with a heart emoji covering his face.

The former publicist broke her busy life down in the caption to the post.

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“4 weddings, 2 magazine cover shoots, 1 WWHL, 1 reunion taping, a sandwich shop opening, 1 Kleinfeld launch event, and a magazine party. all before I announced 🤯,” she wrote. “Hiding this news has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! (Mentally, emotionally, and physically) 🥵 Someone recently told me I was the busiest pregnant woman they’ve ever met, and I felt that hard! 🤪💃🏼”

The “Summer House” star then listed, by date, all of the events she has attended since finding out she was pregnant on April 6.

“All while still keeping the man private is the real flex to me 🥰,” one fan commented.

Hubbard replied with, a smirking face emoji, “😏.”

But others questioned the secrecy surrounding Hubbard’s baby’s father.

“Why don’t we get to know who the man is? Strange that he’s not proud to be by your side as baby daddy and same for you!” one critic asked.

“Because I don’t owe you anymore than I already give you,”  Hubbard snapped back.

When one follower pointed out that sharing her life was “literally” Hubbard’s job, another noted of her mystery man, “But it’s not HIS job. He has no contract with Bravo. “

Hubbard has been dating her mystery boyfriend since January 2024. In an interview with E! News in June 2024, she revealed that she wants to maintain her new man’s privacy “for as long as possible.”

Just after her pregnancy was announced, she elaborated to People magazine, telling the outlet that the father of her child is a doctor who works in biotech investing. “He’s a private person, mostly because of his high-powered job,” she shared. “Obviously, I’m a very public [person] and share pretty much every aspect of my life with the world, so I know it’s weird. But I need to respect his privacy here.”

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Lindsay Hubbard Fired Off Quick Responses to Other Fan Comments

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While most fans were supportive of Hubbard’s new relationship and pregnancy news, others questioned how she was able to move on from Radke so quickly after their August 2023 breakup.

“Weird to move on so quickly from “the love of your life and best friend” 🫠🥴,” one commenter wrote.

“When they make it easy for you to shut your emotions off, yeah you move on quicker,” Hubbard clapped back.

Another follower jokingly speculated that Radke is the father of Hubbard’s child.  Hubbard fired back with, “Might wanna go back @to the drawing board on that one.”

Hubbard also confirmed that she has Radke blocked on social media. She gave a clapping hands emoji to one commenter who noted, “Everyone so bothered that Lindsay found a man with an actual career that doesn’t want to be on TV.”

The “Summer House” star also revealed that she hid her pregnancy behind “ruffled dresses” and fake glasses of wine.

Hubbard was also asked how she survived four weddings without anyone noticing that she wasn’t drinking alcohol.  “Lots of holding glasses of wine, putting down, picking up a different one. Serious strategy has to go into it 😂,” she replied.

As for negative commenters, Hubbard wrote, “I’m in no mood for angry projecting people today.”

In July 2024, Hubbard resumed filming “Summer House” season 9 with Radke living in the same house.

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