Lakers ‘Absolutely’ Have Their Offer Ready for 5-Time All-Star: Report

The Los Angeles Lakers are already looking to pair LeBron James and Anthony Davis with a third star this offseason. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, that third star could be Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On an episode of “Get Up” on ESPN on May 15, Windhorst said the Lakers and other teams have their offers ready for Mitchell.

“I’m trying to walk the line, because I don’t want anybody to freak out in my hometown of Cleveland, but there a number of teams that have their offers ready. They’re ready,” Windhorst said.

When asked if the Lakers are one of those teams, Windhorst said “Absolutely.”

The Lakers would have to trade for Mitchell, a five-time All-Star, as he has one more year on his contract.

Los Angeles Lakers Looking to Be Aggressive During 2024 Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers are in one of the best positions they’ve been in to make a move in recent years. Previously, the Lakers have had a lack of picks and assets to make a blockbuster deal, but with three tradable first-round picks and a young talent like Austin Reaves, they could be in the mix for a high-level player this offseason.

According to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, the Lakers are going to be “aggressive.”

“It will be the first time that they could use all three of their tradable first-round picks, and it’s a prime opportunity for them to potentially get either a third star or to improve the roster by attaching one or two or three of those picks alongside players under contract to upgrade the starting lineup or the bench,” Buha said. “But, it’s the first time they’ll have more than one pick at their disposal and my understanding is that they’re going to be aggressive.”

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Buha even mentions Mitchell as a potential option for the Lakers.

“Whether that is a significant move like a trade for Trae Young or Donovan Mitchell or a smaller move bringing in a 3-and-D wing or another big man remains to be seen. The Lakers are going to explore their options on draft night.” Buha said. “My understanding is that they will be active and aggressive and try to use that pick.”

Donovan Mitchell Could Be a Great Fit for the Lakers

The idea of landing Mitchell would be to bring him in to be a scorer next to James and Davis. When Mitchell has been at his best throughout his career, he scores the ball at one of the highest rates out of anyone in the league.

That’s been evident throughout the playoffs, too, as he has a 50-point game, and has scored 33, 29, and 33 points in the three games he’s played against the Boston Celtics, who have one of the best defenses in the NBA.

Mitchell can also create his own shot, which would bring value to the Los Angeles Lakers. Setting up easier shots for James and Davis will help the Lakers’ offense and could also allow them to not have to do as much as they previously had to do.

The 27-year-old has averaged at least 25.9 points in each of the past four seasons and would give the Lakers a trio that’d be feared.

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