‘Idol’ Contestants Stunned by Katy Perry’s Tribute to Them

When pop star Katy Perry bid farewell to “American Idol” after seven seasons on May 19, 2024, she paid tribute to 168 contestants in stunning fashion.

While performing a duet with Jack Blocker, who came in third on the season 22 finale, Perry stood on a platform that kept rising throughout the performance, slowly revealing a sky-high skirt that featured the faces of the top 24 contestants from each of the seven seasons she served as a judge on the iconic show.

“I thought a good way to honor my time here would be to put the top 24 of each season on my skirt so they were all there,” Perry told Entertainment Tonight after the finale. “It was a fun surprise because I was raising up and you just saw more and more contestants.”

Many of them took to social media to express how touched and surprised they were to be remembered and included by the pop superstar.

Past & Present Contestants React to Seeing Their Faces on Katy Perry’s Finale Dress

As Perry sang her 2020 song, “What Makes a Woman,” with Blocker playing guitar and adding a verse he wrote, she wore a silver corset with a black sequined bow and towering skirt designed by Heather Picchiottino, a costume designer who frequently designs custom looks for pop stars including Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, and Pink. Perry tagged Picchiottino in an Instagram post that included video of several men delivering the massive skirt to the Hollywood studio where “Idol” is filmed.

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Many contestants were taken aback by the fashion statement, thrilled and amused to see their faces adorned on her skirt.

Season 21’s Oliver Steele, who was in that season’s Top 8, posted Instagram photos of Perry performing and wrote, “OMG YALL I FOUND MY FACE ON @katyperry ‘s DRESS!! LOOK MOM, I FINALLY MADE IT!!!! 😭😭😭”

Steele continued with a heartfelt tribute to Perry, writing, “On the real, @katyperry has done such an incredible job during her time on @americanidol ! It’s such a bittersweet moment to see her leave the show, but I’m so thankful for the guidance, patience, and support I received from her during my journey on the crazy, incredible ride that is Idol!”

Kennedy Reid, a small town mortician-turned-singer who captured America’s hearts during season 22, shared Perry’s post to her Instagram Stories and wrote, “So grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience @americanidol while @katyperry was a judge. I can truly say that she is one of the most genuine humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

Reid continued, “I felt like she truly cared for each contestant and wanted the best for everyone. I’ve looked up to her since I was a little girl. I’m a forever fan of Katy. Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Other contestants replied directly to Perry’s post, like season 22’s Ajii, who wrote, “Thank you for everything,” and Mackenzie Sol, who wrote, “Love that my face is on your dress 🤣 #claimtofame”

Some contestants shared their inclusion on Perry’s dress with humorous posts. Another season 22 alum, Top 14 contestant Jordan Anthony, posted a photo of Perry’s skirt in his Instagram Stories and challenged his followers to “spot my stupid mug on @katyperry dress 😭🤣”

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Jacob Moran, who placed in the Top 20 in 2020, posted a photo of Perry and circled his face on it, writing, “Important announcement: my face was on @katyperry’s dress this evening. That is all. Thank you for your time.”

Another top 20 contestant that year, Elli Rowe, posted a photo of Perry in her Instagram Stories and wrote, “if u look really closely u can see my face on katy perry’s dress tonight bahahah”

Blocker, meanwhile, replied to Perry’s post by writing, “Honored to share that stage with you dude” and then added, “You’re insanely cool”

Katy Perry Wore Another Custom Piece During the Finale to Symbolize Her 7 Seasons on ‘Idol’

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A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry)

Perry’s expanding dress wasn’t her only fashion statement of the night. She also wore a custom dress by designer Grace Ling, who often dresses former “Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, that featured a golden corset with seven roses symbolizing seven seasons of “Idol.”

Ling shared videos and photos on Instagram of her process designing, molding and sewing the ornate outfit and wrote, “I grew up listening to all of Katy’s songs through my teenage years. Who knew that I would one day be casually making couture for her?!?”

In another post, she thanked Perry and her stylist for trusting her to create the piece for them.

“I love creating couture with a personal story,” she wrote. “Thank you @katyperry and @tatianawaterford for the trust. They just went for it as we didn’t even have time to make a sketch, just pure trust in vision 🤍🔪”

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Perry took many fashion risks during her final season on “Idol,” from a Disney night costume that transformed from a maid’s outfit into Cinderella’s gown to a revealing metallic top that resulted in a wardrobe malfunction live on air.

Perry made the surprise announcement she was leaving “Idol” during a February appearance on “Live With Jimmy Kimmel,” explaining that she needs time and space to focus on her music and a yet-to-be-announced world tour.

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