Gov. Newsom’s Proposition 1: Complete coverage of the California mental health measure and our recommendation

California voters are deciding the fate of Proposition 1, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to reform the state’s mental health system.

The measure on the March 5 ballot would authorize the state to borrow $6.4 billion through bonds to fund construction of treatment facilities and homeless housing. Prop 1 would also change the rules for spending billions collected annually from a state income tax on millionaires that voters approved in 2004.

Here’s a look at California’s history with mental health issues, analysis of the measure, arguments from a supporter and an opponent, and our editorial recommendation on Prop. 1:

News story: Can a $6.4 billion mental health ballot measure solve California homelessness?
Walters: Newsom wants to resolve state’s long debate over mental health
Pro: Measure is the best chance in decades to change the system
Con: Plan will force major cuts in services
Editorial: Prop. 1 for mental health deserves support

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