‘Bachelorette’ Star Wishes Ex the ‘Best Day’ on Birthday Despite Divorce

A former lead from “The Bachelorette” set aside any bad feelings she might still have regarding her former marriage and ex-husband to wish him a very happy birthday. Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum fell in love during season 7 of “The Bachelorette.” They seemed to have a fairy tale relationship, but Bachelor Nation fans were left stunned when the two later announced their divorce.

Despite ending their marriage, Hebert and Rosenbaum currently co-parent their two children together. In honor of Rosenbaum’s birthday, Hebert took to social media to hype up her ex on his big day.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Hebert Praised JP Rosenbaum As a Father

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In a couple of Instagram Stories posted on February 23, “The Bachelorette” star highlighted her ex-husband on his birthday.

First, Hebert shared a photo showing her ex-husband with their daughter Essie, and they were painting pottery together. On that slide, she wrote, “Happy Birthday to @_jprosenbaum.”

In the next slide, “The Bachelorette” star used a photo that showed the whole family together. Both Hebert and Rosenbaum were with their kids, Essie and Ford, while the family attended an event of some kind at an arena.

Hebert snapped a selfie of the family as they sat in their seats and enjoyed some refreshments. She sat on one end, next to Essie, and JP sat on the other end, next to Ford. Essie and Ford were between Hebert and Rosenbaum.

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She wrote, “You really are an amazing Dad! And we wish you the best day and another amazing year!” She tagged Rosenbaum’s Instagram page in both slides.

In November 2023, Rosenbaum posted some updates on his dynamic with Hebert in his Instagram Stories. Bachelor Nation shared tidbits from the stories, which included some thoughts on the pair’s divorce.

One of Rosenbaum’s followers asked if divorce was hard. He responded, “I think it’s different for everyone. I’m very fortunate that everything is amicable and we co-parent well!”

The former “Bachelorette” winner added, “It was very hard at first, at least it was for me. Getting used to the new normal was challenging.”

Rosenbaum answered another question where he was asked how his relationship with Herbert was. “We’re in a good place right now… better than it’s ever been I’d say!”

‘The Bachelorette’ Couple’s Love Story Started Strong

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Hebert and Rosenbaum first connected during season 7 of “The Bachelorette, which aired in 2011. Rosenbaum received her final rose, and the two left the show engaged.

“The Bachelorette” pair got married in a televised wedding in December 2012, shared Us Weekly. They welcomed their first child, Fordham Rhys, in September 2014. Their daughter, Essex Reese, arrived in November 2016.

The pair appeared on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” in 2017 and renewed their wedding vows in 2018.

The following year, in December 2019, Rosenbaum was diagnosed with the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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Rosenbaum recovered, but he was open during that time about the difficulties he experienced with the condition. Then, “The Bachelorette” stars shocked fans by announcing in October 2020 they had split.

He filed for divorce in July 2021, and they reached a confidential settlement in October 2021.

In August 2022, Rosenbaum joined the “She’s All Bach” podcast to share some updates. At the time, he admitted of his dynamic with Hebert, “We’re amicable. But we’re not friends.”

He also said, “We speak to each other about the kids when we need to speak to each other about the kids.”

In December 2022, Hebert went public with her new beau. She started dating food blogger Yanni Georgoulakis, and the two are still together.

Rosenbaum has not gone public with anyone new since his split with Hebert. Despite some tensions in the past, it seems “The Bachelorette” stars are doing well co-parenting now and are on good terms given Hebert’s positive birthday message to her ex.

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