TMZ: Britney Spears ‘is in increasing danger of hurting herself or others’

Multiple things can be and are true all at once when it comes to Britney Spears. Jamie Spears was financially and emotionally abusive as Britney’s conservator. Britney has every right to make medical decisions for herself. The conservatorship was poorly managed and it functioned as a slush fund for Jamie and all sorts of terrible people. It was right that the conservatorship ended. But it’s also true that Britney has not been doing well post-conservatorship. Her marriage to Sam Asghari crashed and burned because Britney is not well. She’s once again surrounding herself with users and abusers. And so I understand why there’s a conversation about “Britney needs another conservatorship.” But I find it so suspicious that TMZ is leading the charge.

Britney Spears is in increasing danger of hurting herself or others, or even worse … so say numerous people in and around her life, and they are scared for her and believe the only path for long-term survival is another conservatorship.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Britney’s mental health has been in a tailspin since the conservatorship ended. They say she often is not taking the meds that stabilize her, and she is drinking and using various drugs which is especially dangerous, because she has substance abuse problems that sent her to rehab multiple times.

We’re told Britney has radical mood swings and often goes into rages that end in physical violence. There are times we’re told it’s impossible to communicate with her because she can’t engage in rational conversation.

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What’s even more problematic … we’re told her current boyfriend, Paul Soliz, a felon, is running her household, and her life. TMZ broke the story, earlier this month Britney and Soliz got into a physical fight after a night of drinking at the Chateau Marmont hotel on the Sunset Strip where she ended up half-naked in the hallway, screaming at people. An ambulance was called after Britney hurt her ankle, and badly. They also got into a fight in a Vegas hotel room that caused so much damage, Britney paid the hotel thousands of dollars for repairs.

The sources with whom we have spoken all say … it was a huge mistake to end the conservatorship, though they add her dad, Jamie Spears, was no longer the right person to run the show, mostly because she came to intensely dislike him.

It should be noted, after more than 2 years of post-conservatorship allegations against Jamie for various alleged financial misdeeds, Britney and her dad settled — Britney did not get a cent from Jamie and ended up paying her lawyer millions in attorney’s fees and she also paid Jamie’s $2 million attorney’s bill. In short, her legal fight was a bust, and people around her fear the legal bills and her wild spending are putting her on a path to going broke.

Every source we’ve spoken with says … if things continue the way they have been going, Britney is in grave danger.

[From TMZ]

There’s more at TMZ, including a weird tangent about how Britney’s bedroom wasn’t really bugged and something about the “bugging” claims were why the conservatorship ended. Which is incorrect, but I’m just going from memory – I’m pretty sure the conservatorship ended because Britney was finally able to hire her own lawyer and advocate for herself in court, and the dominos fell from there. It feels like there should be a happy-medium between “Britney needs to be put in a conservatorship” versus “Britney is free to do drugs with her felon boyfriend.”

Photos courtesy of Britney’s Instagram.

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