Justin Timberlake Told Jessica Biel That He Was ‘Barely Drinking’ Before He Was Arrested, Source Claims

<p id=”par-1_58″><a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/tag/justin-timberlake/?swcfpc=1″>Justin Timberlake</a> found himself in hot water <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/justin-timberlake-other-pop-stars-arrested-dwi.html/”>following a DWI-related arrest</a> on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. Timberlake started the “Forget Tomorrow World Tour” in April 2024, while <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/jessica-biel-not-by-justin-timberlakes-side-arraignment.html/”>his wife, Jessica Biel</a>, works on a series in New York City. Biel gushed about her husband on Instagram before his arrest. Here’s what Timberlake allegedly told her about the incident.</p>

<h2 class=”wp-block-heading” id=”h-justin-timberlake-allegedly-told-jessica-biel-that-he-was-barely-drinking-the-night-of-the-arrest”>Justin Timberlake allegedly told Jessica Biel that he was ‘barely drinking’ the night of the arrest</h2>

<p id=”par-2_67″>Police arrested Justin Timberlake in the early morning of Tuesday, June 18, 2024, after he reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign and swerved into the opposing lane while driving in Sag Harbor, New York. Timberlake allegedly drank at the American Hotel while having dinner with friends before the incident. When police pulled him over, he refused a breathalyzer test and failed a field sobriety test.</p>

<p id=”par-3_45″>Jessica Biel is currently filming <em>The Better Sister</em> in New York City, not far from where Timberlake spent his night out. A source told <a href=”https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/jessica-biel-is-extremely-upset-over-justin-timberlakes-dwi-arrest/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Us Weekly</a> that Biel feels “extremely upset” by the incident. Biel dealt with other controversies in the past concerningTimberlake’s behavior. </p>

<p id=”par-4_28″><em>“</em>Jessica is extremely upset,” the source shared. “She was shocked to hear the news and had no idea as she was working. She was really worried about him.”</p>

<p id=”par-5_25″>The source added that Timberlake told Biel that “he was barely drinking” at the time. And Biel “always gives Justin the benefit of the doubt.”</p>

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<p id=”par-6_56″> Another source echoed that Timberlake didn’t drink as much at dinner as some outsiders believe he did. “Justin was at dinner with friends and … [he] wanted to enjoy some downtime and have fun,” the source shared. “He and his friends didn’t even really drink that much, so they were shocked he was pulled over.”</p>

<h2 class=”wp-block-heading” id=”h-justin-timberlake-s-wrongdoings-are-testing-her-patience”>Justin Timberlake’s wrongdoings are ‘testing her patience’</h2>

<figure class=”wp-block-image size-full” id=”emb-1″><img decoding=”async” src=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Justin-Timberlake-Jessica-Biel-1.webp?strip=all&quality=80″ alt=”Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel standing next to each other and smiling at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Timberlake is wearing a black tuxedo with a bow tie. Biel is wearing a low-cut black dress.” class=”wp-image-3679463″><figcaption class=”wp-element-caption”>Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards | Kevork Djansezian/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images</figcaption></figure>

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<p id=”par-7_43″>Justin Timberlake has had numerous controversies that have affected Jessica Biel through the years. In 2019, photos showed him holding hands with his <em>Palmer</em> co-star, Alisha Wainwright. Then, the public roasted him following Britney Spears’ claims against him in her 2023 memoir. </p>

<p id=”par-8_19″>A source told <a href=”https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/13203226/justin-timberlake-arrest-jessica-biel-marriage/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>The Irish Sun</a> that Biel will be “disappointed” to have to deal with another PR nightmare.</p>

<p id=”par-9_77″>“Jessica will be colossally disappointed and embarrassed that once again, Justin is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons,” the insider said. “There’s going to be a lot of questions asked of Justin moving forward, without a doubt. He clearly has this self-destructive streak that keeps rearing its head. Jessica has shown the patience of a saint, forgiving his various misdeeds over the past few years, but this is really testing her patience, and then some.”</p>

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<h2 class=”wp-block-heading” id=”h-a-source-claimed-that-everyone-around-the-nsync-star-enables-him”>A source claimed that ‘everyone around’ the *NSYNC star ‘enables’ him</h2>

<p id=”par-10_43″>Some sources claim that Justin Timberlake has never been healthier as he continues the “Forget Tomorrow World Tour.” However, another insider told <a href=”https://pagesix.com/2024/06/18/entertainment/justin-timberlake-struggled-with-alcohol-for-years-before-dwi-arrest/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Page Six</a> that <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/justin-timberlake-said-done-way-drugs-gets-completely-plastered.html/”>Timberlake “has a real drinking problem”</a> and has been “enabled” by those around him to continue unhealthy habits.</p>

<p id=”par-11_35″>“It’s not a secret. Everyone knows,” the music insider alleged. “He has a real drinking problem, a lot of weed — but a major alcohol problem, and he’s been hiding and masking it for years.”</p>

<p id=”par-12_13″>The insider added that “everyone around” the *NSYNC star has been an “enabler.”</p>

<p id=”par-13_29″>“It’s a real thing, and when you have a drinking problem, it’s apparent, yet they’ve pushed this tour on him, and <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/justin-timberlake-dark-place-dwi-source-says.html/”>he’s been a very dark place</a>,” they continued.</p>

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