Taylor Swift likes anti-Kanye West tweet

Taylor Swift likes tweet calling Kanye West’s infamous naked celebrity sculptures ‘revenge porn’

Taylor Swift has liked a tweet calling Kanye West’s naked celebrity sculptures from his music video for Famous ‘revenge porn’.

A Swift fan had posted on a Twitter thread seeking ‘unpopular’ opinions of Kanye, writing: ‘The Famous music video was straight up revenge porn. Not to mention putting abuse victims next to their abusers and celebrating sexual assaulters. It was disgusting and he doesn’t get enough cr*p for it.’

Another fan retweeted this, adding: ‘It’s so weird to see how Kanye got away with putting realistic depictions of naked celebrities in his video.

‘I was reading comments the other day and people said they didn’t like Taylor because she ‘uses songs to humiliate her ex boyfriends’, we know that’s not true but isn’t it strange that they don’t apply that same logic to a man putting a naked woman in his music video that’s been viewed millions of times because he just doesn’t like her.’

Taylor obviously approved of this thinking. The pop star gave the message her like on Thursday, ahead of her appearance at the iHeartRadio Awards in Los Angeles.

Taylor has long had a beef with both Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian over the use of her name and image in his 2016 track and accompanying video.

The lyrics included the line: ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b***h famous.’

Kanye claimed he had sought Taylor’s approval for the lyrics, which Taylor denied.

Kim then shared videos of Kanye on the phone to Taylor discussing the lyrics, sparking a feud. It was unclear from the videos if he ever read the full line to Taylor, who insists he did not.

Speaking recently, Taylor said the feud left her feeling ‘lower than [she’s] ever felt’.

Writing in Elle magazine’s April issue, she said: ‘A few years ago, someone started an online hate campaign by calling me a snake on the internet. The fact that so many people jumped on board with it led me to feeling lower than I’ve ever felt in my life.’

But the 29-year-old singer isn’t fazed by the comments now, as she’s ‘learned to laugh’ about the situation, and even implemented a 63-foot inflatable cobra into her stage design on her record-breaking 2018 Reputation Tour.

She added: ‘I learned that disarming someone’s petty bullying can be as simple as learning to laugh. In my experience, I’ve come to see that bullies want to be feared and taken seriously.

‘I can’t tell you how hard I had to keep from laughing every time my 63-foot inflatable cobra named Karyn appeared onstage in front of 60,000 screaming fans. It’s the Stadium Tour equivalent of responding to a troll’s hateful Instagram comment with ‘lol.”

The Look What You Made Me Do singer says she’d love to get an apology from 38-year-old Kim, but is happy knowing she has ‘thrived in spite of’ their feud.

She wrote: ‘It would be nice if we could get an apology from people …read more

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