RANKED: Zion Williamson’s top 10 dunks of the season

Zion Williamson

Duke freshman phenom Zion Williamson has become the face of college basketball thanks to his gravity-defying dunks and unbelievably efficient play.

The 6-foot-7, 285 pound forward’s vertical leap measures in at more than 40 inches, allowing him to do all sorts of stunts while he’s in the air.
Check out Zion Williamson’s most impressive dunks of the season below:
10. The two-handed slam

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GET USED TO SEEING THIS! 😳 pic.twitter.com/QcAIGnVEh2

Imagine being so athletically gifted that a dunk like this lands at No. 10 on your list. He didn’t even take a dribble!

9. The “I can do it all by myself”

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Alright, Zion. Alright. pic.twitter.com/m1Fk1pMvcF

Zion didn’t need anybody’s help.

8. The put-back slam

Nobody was holding Zion back on this one.

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