9 credit card and money scams that you should watch out for

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Credit card scams can affect anyone, and they’re lurking everywhere from hotel rooms to blockchain sites.

Here are some credit card scams that’ll make you think twice about giving out your numbers.

Beware any instructions that follow your computer’s blue “screen of death.”

One woman in Marin County, California, reports that she was scammed by a fraudster who pretended they could fix her computer, according to ABC 7 News. She also alleges that even though she flagged the fraudulent charges, her bank failed to stop the transaction.

While she was online shopping, the shopper says, her computer’s screen went blue and a message appeared saying there was a virus. The message on the screen advised her to call Microsoft, so she did. She claims the man on the other end of the phone told her to scan a $500 check, which she did, according to ABC 7 News.

She soon realized her mistake and called her bank. But the money still came out of her account, she says, and it took an intervention from ABC 7 News’ 7 On Your Side to get the money back.

Some scammers impersonate hotel desk workers to nab your credit card info.

While you’re staying in a hotel room and receive a call from the front desk, never give your credit card information over the phone. The caller might not be a hotel employee at all.

This is a popular scam, according to Vermont’s Bennington Banner. The culprit will claim there’s a problem with your credit card in order to extract your information. Tell them you’ll resolve the issue at the front desk in the morning.

Menus left in hotel rooms should also be double-checked.

Sometimes, scammers leave fake room service menus in hotel rooms, the Bennington Banner reports. Always look twice for signs that a menu wasn’t really placed there by the hotel and if it doesn’t seem right to you, bring it to the front desk.

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