Kayla Sprinkles: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kayla Sprinkles, a 26-year-old former high school teacher and softball coach from North Carolina, is accused in the sexual assault of a student.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department announced news of the June 7, 2018 arrest. Sprinkles also goes by the name of Kayla Alayne Sprinkles, and she is from Hayesville, North Carolina, the sheriff’s release revealed. The accusations involve a time when Kayla Sprinkles was a teacher and coach at Andrews High School, which is located about a half hour from Hayesville in Andrews, NC. Kayla Sprinkles is but the latest female teacher to be accused in the United States of sexual misconduct with a student. You can see some other examples toward the end of this article.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Sheriff Says a Grand Jury Brought Down a Five Count Indictment for Alleged ‘Sex Acts With Student’

Kayla Sprinkles

Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer said in a press release that, around March 26, 2018, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office “began an investigation into a report that Kayla Sprinkles, had engaged in sex acts with a student while employed as a teacher in a high school for the Cherokee County Schools System.”

The Sheriff’s Department executed multiple search warrants “in which items of evidence were collected. Additionally numerous individuals were interviewed who provided information relevant to the case. The HAVEN Child Advocacy Center assisted in some of the interviews due to the age of the individuals interviewed,” says the release.

On June 4, 2018, a Cherokee County Grand Jury which handed down a five count indictment for Sex Activity With a Student against Kayla Sprinkles, according to the sheriff’s release. Further details of the alleged offenses were not revealed.

2. Authorities Accuse Sprinkles of Leaving the Area After Gaining Knowledge of the Indictments, Possibly Through Social Media

Kayla Sprinkles

Sheriff’s officials allege that Sprinkles initially left the area, but she is now in custody. “Apparently Sprinkles gained knowledge, possibly through a social media posting, of the existence of the indictments and left from the local area and surrendered herself to the Mecklenburg County Detention Center where she was served with the indictments and was released on a $25,000.00 unsecure bond. Sprinkles is expected to be in Cherokee County Superior Court on July 02, 2018,” the sheriff’s news release says.

“Our youth and our students are one of the greatest resources that Cherokee County is blessed to have. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure their safety and wellbeing as they grow and mature,” the sheriff said in the release.

“Due to the nature of the crime and the age of the victim no further information will be released concerning this incident,” the release added, but it encourages people with any information to call 828-837-3144 or submit a tip at crime.tips@cherokeecounty-nc.gov.

3. Sprinkles Was a Coach at the High School Too

Kayla Sprinkles

Sprinkles was a teacher at Andrews High School, and the student accuser in the case is 16. You can see another photo here in the Andrews Journal, which described her …read more

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