From Oprah to Bob Harper, Celebrities Reveal the People Who Have Impacted Their Lives the Most

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that can impact somebody’s life and inspire them to achieve great things. So who do some of the biggest names in television have to thank for influencing their journey?

“The person who inspires me is — and I know it’s gonna be a cliché — but Oprah,” Biggest Loser host and trainer Bob Harper tells PEOPLE.

“Her speech was out of this world,” he added. “Oprah 2020, y’all.”

But Oprah Winfrey has her own small group of confidants to rely on.

“I have people that I call my ‘Kitchen Cabinet,’ who I know no matter what are going to say, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ” she explains.

“You need some people saying ‘What’s wrong with you?,’ and I have that in my life,” she adds, naming her best friend Gayle King, her longtime partner Stedman Graham and fitness expert Bob Greene.

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And Laura Benanti is thankful for each and every person who comes into her life.

“I’ve worked with a lot of amazing women,” she says. “Patti LuPone impacted my journey and Chita Rivera impacted my journey. My mother impacted my journey!”

“I feel like every person that you meet impacts your journey in some way,” she adds.

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