You can’t speed up Audible on a Mac, but you can on a mobile device — here’s how

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You can’t speed up an Audible book on a Mac, as there’s no dedicated Audible app for Mac compiters.

You can easily speed up or slow down playback speeds when you use the Audible app on an iPhone or Android device.
With a third-party app on your Mac, you can mirror your phone to the computer and listen to speed-adjusted audio books in that way.
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Sometimes, you just need someone to speed up and get on with it.

If that someone is the narrator of an Audible audiobook, you’re in luck. The mobile audible app lets you change the speed of your audiobooks in several ways.

However, if you’re using a Mac, things aren’t so easy. There is no Audible app for Mac computers, and as such, there’s no way to directly control the speed of your audiobooks.

However, if you’re willing to put in a bit of work, you can use the Audible mobile app and a third-party program to change the speed of your Mac audiobooks.

Here’s what you should know.

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How to speed up an Audible book on a Mac using your mobile device

To speed up your Audible playback speed in the mobile app, start your book, with it maximized to fill the screen (not minimized so you can see other library titles or recommendations, e.g.), and then tap the word “Speed” in the bottom corner.

Then, select the desired speed on the menu that pops up and resume playback.

If you want to speed up Audible readings on your Mac, you need to use a workaround. You’ll have to download a third-party app like AirServer, which allows your MacBook to mirror the screen (and sound) of your phone.

Such apps aren’t free, but most do offer a free trial, so you can see if using one is worth it.

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