This weighted blanket has a woven texture that prevents me from overheating at night — it also helps me sleep deeper and faster

Bearaby weighted napper blanket

If you have trouble sleeping, adding 15 pounds to your bed with Bearaby’s Napper weighted blanket might just be the key.
It has transformed my definition of sweet repose and has also helped decrease my partner’s restlessness.

The Napper is available in three weights and six colors with prices starting at $259.

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Who knew that the secret to a better night’s sleep lay in an extra 20 pounds on my bed?

Meet weighted blanket brand Bearaby and its flagship product, the Napper, a knitted weighted blanket that has become the security blanket I never knew I needed.

Unlike other weighted blankets I’ve tested, the Napper is a knitted cotton blanket with a thick weave, almost like your favorite chunky sweater or wall tapestry. There are three weights — 15, 20, and 25 pounds — so choose the one that’s roughly 10% of your body weight. My partner and I have a 20-pound one that has made us realize what we’ve been missing.

In my experience, sleeping with the Napper on top of my comforter has lulled me to sleep faster, deeper, and longer. I’m naturally a deep sleeper but my partner tosses and turns, and he’s slept much less fitfully under the weighted protection of the Napper.

Despite its considerable mass, the Napper is incredibly breathable and I didn’t feel like I was suffocating under the blanket. The knit isn’t particularly tight so it traps just enough body heat underneath its weight to keep us warm but not sweaty.

And having 20 pounds on top of you isn’t just a gimmick. Studies have shown that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight can help bring about deeper, more restful sleep.

Bearaby also claims that the “Deep Touch Pressure” of the weighted bedding stimulates the production of serotonin, which helps to reduce stress and increase calm during the night. Translation: my body is more relaxed and I can fall asleep faster.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how well the weight of the Napper distributes its weight when I’m using it as a wrap or a robe, rather than a full-fledged blanket. While it’s obviously quite heavy to lift, once the Napper is wrapped around you, it feels more like a warm hug than a large burden. In fact, Bearaby suggests that sleeping under weight can give the same comforting sensation as cuddling.

Caring for the blanket is straightforward as well, which is a blessing. Just wash the Napper separately with no other items in lukewarm water on the gentle cycle, and then allow the piece to flat dry.

The Napper is hypoallergenic and made with organic cotton, so it feels like a giant version of your favorite T-shirt. About 250 yards of …read more

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