Patriots QB Tops Negative List Ahead of 2020 From NFL Expert

It’s not good to be at the top of every list. New England Patriots QB Jarrett Stidham is experiencing that feeling right now. At one point, it seemed everyone was so high on Stidham’s potential and his ability to succeed Tom Brady as the Patriots’ starting QB.

In a matter of weeks–without throwing a single football in front of coaches–let alone fans–Stidham has gone from a symbol of hope to what USA Today’s Henry McKenna is now calling the most overhyped player on the team’s roster.

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McKenna on Stidham

The honeymoon is clearly over. Here is what McKenna said about Stidham:

Stidham has always been a compelling prospect, even going back to the pre-draft process when his quarterback guru Jordan Palmer reminded me that Stidham was going largely overlooked. It feels like the opposite is the case, just 14 months later. Stidham is one of the most interesting stories in the NFL with the Patriots hoping he’ll be a starter after they drafted him in the fourth round.

But they’re not going to just give him the job. They want him to compete against and beat out Brian Hoyer. Stidham may have a harder time than people think if the training camp schedule is shortened. Stidham has always been an interesting prospect, but it’s a huge step for a quarterback to elevate from a fourth-round pick to a starting caliber quarterback.

While it may seem harsh to include Stidham on a list like this, you have to wonder, is this an unwarranted distinction?

Does McKenna Have a Point About Stidham?

The answer to the question in the subheadline is, perhaps a little. Stidham hasn’t been as much hyped as he has been discussed. There is a difference. Hype comes when the predominant narrative is that a person or something will be great–despite never seeing any undeniable evidence to support such confidence.

There were always non-believers in Stidham, and until he shows that he can be effective as a starting quarterback in the NFL, those people will remain unsold on his ability. There’s been such a small sample size. The handful of throws in the regular season and only slightly larger reference point from the 2019 preseason have already been overanalyzed.

The QB position is so important in the NFL, and obviously, when you’re following the greatest player to ever step under center, you’re bound to get a ton of attention. Quite honestly, were it not for current world events, Stidham would likely be receiving even more attention than he’s received.

The uncertainty of everyday life–let alone the 2020 NFL football season–has taken some of the spotlights off him. Overhyped? No. Overanalyzed? Yes, but it could have been worse.

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