Letter: Unelected Santa Clara County officials abusing their powers

Re: “Relaxing COVID-19 sheltering too fast will kill people” (Opinion section, Mercurynews.com, May 27):

Santa Clara County Executive Jeff Smith and Health Officer Sara Cody need to go. They lead by sowing fear and demanding unobtainable preconditions to lifting restrictions.

Please, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, show some backbone and shut off their power supply.

Of course there are fewer deaths if people are locked up. But the powers Cody and Smith are using are being abused. The situation is all wrong. These two unelected bureaucrats don’t care about the wreckage to our personal lives, economy, educational system and social fabric.

The county supervisors, however, need to care, and show that they care, by taking control and loosening things up immediately.

The county’s own statistics show that 93% of the deaths occur in people over 60, and 90% of the deaths occur in people with comorbidities.

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Vulnerable people can continue to shelter, if they desire. Our civil liberties must be restored.

Judy McDowell
San Jose

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