2 truths and a lie about the coronavirus about social distancing, mutations, and death rates

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the novel coronavirus, and we’d like to clear some things up.
We flesh out two talked-about truths and pull apart one lie that might come across your feed.
In this episode, we look at social distancing, mutations, and mortality rates to tell you what you need to know, and especially what you don’t.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Reporter: The coronavirus has mutated.

Reporter: Some strains are far more infectious as this virus continues to spread.

Reporter: It doesn’t prove that this new strain is in fact more infectious.

Abby Tang: Hello, fellow skeptics. It’s me, Abby! There is a lot of information flying into our eyes and ears at any given moment. And it can be hard to tell sometimes what’s true, what’s not. So I grabbed three of the most common talking points that you’re probably seeing on your feed, two truths, one lie, and I did a little digging.

Truth No. 1: It’s OK to go outside!

It’s really nice out here. But social distancing is still the best way to control the spread. Both things can be true. I’m a big fan of this viral blog post by an immunologist who delightfully puts all his credentials on the front page of his blog. But he’s very up front about not claiming to be an expert, and some of the work he cites hasn’t been peer reviewed yet, so I ran it by our senior health reporter Anna. She said, “Looks good.”

The whole post is a solid read, but the main takeaway is this: Successful infection equals exposure to virus multiplied by time. Basically, the more viral particles you’re exposed to and the longer you’re exposed to them, the more likely you’ll be infected.

Sorry about this gross picture! But this cough can apparently contain up to 200 million virus particles, a number that I could not find in original source for but shows up everywhere, so let’s take it with a grain of salt. Point is, if a sick person coughs right into your face, breathes, too, but to a lesser degree, your chances of getting infected are gonna be high. Which is why going over to a friend’s house… not ideal. But if you just walk by someone on the sidewalk, chances are you’re gonna be fine, because you’re limiting the amount of time you’re being exposed and the number of particles you’re being exposed to by not locking yourself in a room full of them. So going outside is super-low risk as long as you’re staying physically distant.

I think this quote from a previous Insider article sums it up perfectly:

Erich Anderer: Outside is better than inside, open space is better than closed, fewer people is better than more people, and stay away from sick people. Or, better yet, stay home if you’re not feeling well yourself.

Abby: Thanks, Erich.

Truth No. 2: The virus that causes COVID-19 is mutating all the time.

It’s true …read more

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