Why Marc Marquez doesn’t always use a pitboard

While most drivers keep a lap number on their pit boards to ensure they are sticking closely to the designated 4-5 lap run, Marquez often prefers the freedom of driving without lap or lap time information.

“On a test, I drive what I feel. If I go out and try something that doesn’t work, why do I have to stay out all five laps?” he said.

“And then it’s more about driving freely. For example, with the L12 I had a permanent pit board [Sprint distance] to have a reference. But to give it a try, you just find a cruise mode and I don’t want to have a lot of laps.

“If it’s a big change, you [soon] feel whether it is better or worse. And that saves time, why do you have to stay out for 5 laps when 2 laps are enough?”

Marquez said he’s been testing this way since “2016-17 when I had experience in the [MotoGP] category and I understood that it was better for me.”

“Aero not good for the show”

At the recent Portimao test, where Marquez finished 14th for Honda, companies like Aprilia and Yamaha gave their bikes more wings.

Marquez believes that MotoGP must decide whether pure performance or racing action is more important.

“It gets harder every time to follow another rider because [the wake from] The aero changes the balance of the bike, the way you ride and stop,” he said.

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“We saw Aprilia and Yamaha [their rear wings]. For the long future [MotoGP] must understand which way they want to go. Because for me, for the show, for the race, it’s not the best way.

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“For performance, yes, of course. We’re going faster, but I don’t think it’s the best way for the show. But we have to keep going [in this aero direction] because it is something [rules] we have now.”

Major changes to MotoGP aero rules are unlikely to be made before the next five-year contract cycle between the manufacturers and Dorna, which begins in 2027.

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