‘They are really offering him a very special project’ – Transfer agent hints at Lionel Messi moving to MLS

Jerome Meary, an agent specializing in transfers, said Lionel Messi could potentially join Major League Soccer (MLS) if he leaves Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Messi followed suit Les Parisiens from Barcelona with a free transfer ahead of the 2021-22 season. His two-year contract expires at the end of the season, so he could switch soon.

PSG are determined to keep the Argentine’s services and have been in talks over a new deal. However, with negotiations still ongoing, there are doubts about the forward’s future in Paris.

There is already a lot of talk about where Messi could go if he leaves the Parisians this summer. MLS has been mooted as a potential destination for the former Barcelona superstar.

Meary has now claimed that there is a chance the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will move to the United States. The agent, who specializes in MLS transfers, revealed the league is offering the player an enticing package.

“There’s a 10-20 percent chance of him [Lionel Messi] coming to MLS because they’re really offering him a pretty special project,” Meary said on TF1.

“Il ya 10-20% qu’il vienne en MLS parce qu’ils sont vraiment en train de lui advertiser un projet assez spécial.”

Jérôme Meary, Agent Specialisé des Transfers Europe-MLS, on Lionel Messi @BastienAL

“Il ya 10-20% qu’il vienne en MLS parce qu’ils sont vraiment en train de lui suggester a project assez special.”Jérôme Meary, Agent Specialisé des Transferts Europe-MLS, on Lionel Messi @BastienAL

Meary suggested Messi would be offered the opportunity to own an MLS club in the future, as David Beckham said when he joined LA Galaxy in 2007:

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“Beckham, they managed to bring him in by offering him the opportunity to own an MLS franchise. And that’s how they will offer Messi [the opportunity] Becoming the owner of a potential MLS franchise.”

It remains to be seen if the prospect of owning an MLS club appeals to Messi.

Lionel Messi is wanted by David Beckham’s Inter Miami

Inter Miami are the only MLS club so far credited with having a serious interest in Lionel Messi. It’s worth noting that the Herons are partially owned by David Beckham.

Beckham and company are determined to lure Messi to the United States. Meary revealed that Inter Miami officials were in constant contact with the Argentine’s entourage during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, saying:

“The Beckham clan [Inter Miami] interacted a lot with the Messi clan during the World Cup. I know MLS will find solutions to try and bring him in.”

| MLS and Inter Miami are ready to make any sacrifices, especially financial ones, to win Leo Messi this summer. [@lequipe] https://t.co/oLgpDVkZjH

While Inter Miami are keen to sign him, Messi reportedly prefers to continue playing at the highest level in Europe.

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