Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith guts team after Ezekiel Elliott’s release

The Dallas Cowboys’ decision to release Ezekiel Elliott couldn’t be easy. Heck, that’s exactly why so many fans and speaking minds haven’t sealed Elliott’s return for another season: People wondered if Jerry Jones would agree with the organization or the player.

The Cowboys have yet to reap the benefits of Elliott’s cut, but the $10.9 million they will save against the salary cap once the 1 participates in the post-draft free-agent frenzy.

Money variable aside, it was time for Elliott to go. He was making too much money to be a one-dimensional backer.

Elliott’s release shouldn’t detract from what he accomplished early in his career. Everyone acknowledges how great he was, but stats show he’s been losing weight since signing his six-year, $90 million deal.

Don’t tell that to franchise legend Emmitt Smith, though.

After the move was made official, Smith took to the Cowboys’ comments section on Instagram to leave scorched earth with his former team.

Emmitt Smith commented on a Dallas Cowboys Instagram post recognizing Ezekiel Elliott’s career and was clearly upset at the decision to release him.

“That’s why the NFL doesn’t stand for the law. Everyone else is taking your money because they don’t love you.”

— RJ Ochoa (@rjochoa) March 17, 2023

Cowboys great Emmitt Smith expresses displeasure at Ezekiel Elliott’s release

“Wow that’s amazing to me – no disrespect to Malik Davis. Our start running back is gone, and so is his backup [Tony Pollard] has a broken leg? The NFL doesn’t stand for long. Everyone else, get your money because they don’t love you,” Smith said.

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“. . . For this reason, the NFL does not stand for the law. Everyone else is taking your money because they don’t love you.”

Did Smith really have to die on that hill?

Again, releasing Elliott was the right organizational move, and it probably would have happened sooner if his contract had allowed it. Speaking of contract, Zeke definitely got his money. It guaranteed him $50 million and made him the highest-paid running back in the NFL.

Additionally, Elliott’s career earnings of $70.6 million are by far the highest of any running back since he was drafted in 2016. Christian McCaffrey is next at $45.7 million, closely followed by Titans superstar Derrick Henry.

There’s literally a $24.9 million difference between Elliott’s career earnings and the next highest RB, so the point Smith made or tried to make to get money falls on deaf ears in Elliott’s case.

Overall, NFL players should definitely be chasing their money. The league is first and foremost a business, but the Cowboys organization — top to bottom — had an unwavering love and respect for Elliott.

Check out the flood of tweets from fans and the media after news of his release broke. There was nothing but positivity. Check out the emotional reactions from Dak Prescott and three-time champion Troy Aikman.

While we understand what Smith is trying to say, Elliott’s decline in production and efficiency made his release a no-brainer.

While Elliott is still viable between tackles and near the goal-line, he’s virtually useless elsewhere as his 114 carries outside of tackles last season generated minus 85 rushing yards above expectations.

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We don’t take pleasure in disagreeing with a legend of Emmitt’s prestige, but there’s just no way to co-sign a take that accuses the Cowboys of having no love for Elliott, that Zeke wasn’t paid, or that Pollard’s injury should have been in the decision have contributed.

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