Brian Gutekunst tried calling Aaron Rodgers “many times” this offseason with no response

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As usual, every story has two sides.

We had previously heard a page regarding the inevitable divorce between the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Today we heard something from the other side.

Through’s Matt Schneidman, GM Brian Gutekunst told reporters at the league meeting in Arizona that the team tried to contact Aaron Rodgers.many times‘ during the offseason to discuss how he fits into the team’s future.

Rodgers never responded, according to Gutekunst.

“Our inability to reach him or respond in any way,” Gutekunst said. “I think at that point we just had to — I had to do my job and reach out and understand that a trade might be possible.”

That’s a very different story from the one Rodgers told Pat McAfee 12 days ago. Rodgers said that at the end of the 2022 season, the Packers told the four-time MVP they wanted him back. Rodgers said he learned the Packers were buying him sometime after the season ended. (Rodgers later contradicted this story by saying he felt during the 2022 season that the Packers wanted to continue.)

According to Green Bay’s version, the team repeatedly tried to engage Rodgers in conversation about the future — “many times” — and that he ignored their advances.

The good news, I assume, is that he didn’t text back something like, “Lost my number. Nice try.”

The end result is that the relationship is permanently broken. Both sides appear to accept the result, even as the Packers regret the path Rodgers took.

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“When a player is struggling, I’m sure you prefer that they talk to you directly and not do it in the media, but that’s not necessarily how they do it and that’s fine,” Gutekunst told reporters.

yes it’s over The sooner the Packers and Jets strike a deal, the better off everyone is.

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