Can Alan Partridge save ponies from extinction?

A pony named Alan Partridge has been selected by scientists to save the Exmoor breed from extinction. The award-winning 15-year-old stallion will donate semen to a gene bank as part of a campaign by the Exmoor Pony Society to secure the future of Britain’s oldest and “most iconic” native breed, noted The Times. Elsinore Alan Partridge was named after the British comedy character who “matches his spunky personality”. His owner said she is “very proud of him”.

Tesco tattoo saves man just £18

A “Tesco superfan” who got his clubcard tattooed on his wrist has saved just £18 worth of points so far, reported Metro. Dean Mayhew, 31, said he got the QR code permanently inked on his arm because he kept forgetting his card when he visited stores. Eight months later, he insisted he has “no regrets”. He hopes by the end of the year he will have saved enough to cover the cost of his Christmas food shop. He now plans to get a tattoo of his Nectar card for when he shops at Sainsbury’s.

Naked cleaner says role boosts her confidence

A naked cleaner said that the unusual role boosts her confidence and some of her clients often strip off too. Lottie Rae, 32, took up naked cleaning in 2017 to make some extra cash. She charges £50 an hour to “get her kit off” while dusting and mopping people’s homes, she told the Daily Star. She describes herself as “free-spirited”, and said the job has made her more body confident and empowered. Rae said most of her clients are friendly and don’t overstep the mark.

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