Sixers’ Tobias Harris Predicted to Return to Former Team

The Philadelphia 76ers will enter the 2024 NBA Offseason with plenty of cap space. With that money, they could potentially re-sign Tobias Harris, but Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz believes Harris will re-join the Detroit Pistons.

Swartz explained why the two sides could have mutual interest in each other in an April 2 story.

“With most win-now teams being short on cap space, Harris’ list of landing spots is tricky to pin down, but the Detroit Pistons reportedly had interest in him at the trade deadline, per The Athletic’s James L. Edwards III, and they could value Harris even more as a free-agent addition and not one that would’ve cost them trade assets. They have cap space to burn and might covet an established veteran to help bring their rebuilding roster along.”

Harris played for the Pistons from 2016 to 2018, where he helped them make the playoffs in 2016. Detroit included him in their trade for Blake Griffin at the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline.

Swartz also explained why the Sixers’ offseason may lead to Harris jumping ship if their plans succeed.

“(His numbers) probably won’t be enough to extend his stay in Philadelphia, though, especially if the Sixers’ biggest dreams for the upcoming offseason become a reality. If they’re able to make a significant addition or two, he seems like the obvious subtraction to make room for the new arrival(s).”

Pistons May Chase Tobias Harris in Offseason: Report

Swartz referenced a February 5 story from Edwards in which The Athletic reporter confirmed Detroit’s interest in Harris. Edwards also reported that the Pistons were more likely to wait until the offseason to add him.

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“The feeling I’ve gotten is that the Pistons are more likely to go after Harris in the summer using cap space. Detroit appears to be on the fence about giving up any type of asset for a player it could simply sign this summer.”

Edwards provided additional context for why Harris might choose Detroit over anything else.

“Harris has personal connections to Detroit and relationships with several in the front office and coaching staff. Depending on Philadelphia’s asking price for Harris, it might make more sense for the Pistons to just sit it out until this summer.”

Detroit has not appeared in the playoffs since 2019. Harris would give them a productive veteran for a team in the middle of a rebuild.

Sixers Desire for Paul George ‘Worst-Kept Secret’: Report

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey reported that many around the NBA expect the Sixers to pursue Paul George.

“The 76ers’ desire to acquire Paul George in free agency is the NBA’s worst-kept secret,” Pompey wrote in a March 28 story. “There are some who expect both sides to reach an agreement, leading to George joining forces with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey next season.”

If the Sixers succeed in adding George, that could have massive implications for Harris’ future with the team. Since they play the same position, George and Harris may be redundant on the roster. Adding George could pave the way for Harris to go somewhere else.

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