‘LEGO Masters’ Season 3: What happened? Who won?

Drew Maynard and Miranda Maynard on the set of “Lego Masters” Season 3.

Tom Griscom, Fox

When Miranda Maynard’s brother, Drew, got an Instagram message from the producers of “Lego Masters,” the siblings were skeptical.

“We all looked at it and we were like, ‘Is this real?’” Miranda Maynard recently told the Idaho State Journal. “He sent it to the family group chat and we were doing our amateur detective stuff, trying to figure out if it was real.”

The investigation didn’t take long.

Drew Maynard has been building with Legos since “practically birth,” Miranda Maynard told the Idaho State Journal. At 18, he already has an impressive collection of Lego creations under his belt — including a model of New York’s One World Trade Center that stands 77 inches tall. That creation, especially, stood out to the “Lego Masters” producers and earned the teenager a spot on the show’s third season, per the Idaho State Journal

Miranda Maynard — a 22-year-old BYU student who has been building with Legos since her early teens — completed the team. The siblings from Pocatello, Idaho, were the youngest contestants to compete on the show’s third season, which premiered Sept. 21 on Fox.

“I’m the youngest person that has been on the show,” Drew Maynard told the Idaho State Journal. “And so that was kind of intimidating because you want to show that young builders can still build really cool things.”

“It was a big deal to us being the youngest on the show,” Miranda Maynard added.

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Here’s a look at how the siblings fared in their “Lego Masters” debut.


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Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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