Christian McCaffrey Destroys Brock Purdy Haters After QB’s Perfect Game

The San Francisco 49ers once again look like the NFC favorites to reach the Super Bowl after a short mid-season slump and QB Brock Purdy has been a major reason for the team’s turnaround after a 3-game skid that included losses to the Browns, Bengals and Vikings.

Purdy was the first to admit he needed to play better in those games and over the last two outings, he’s proved it. .

On Sunday Nov. 19, Purdy recorded a perfect passer rating against the Buccaneers, a feat only accomplished by Joe Montana and Steve Young in San Francisco 49ers history.

49ers running back Christian McCaffrey was asked about Purdy’s stellar performance after the game.

“Dang he had a perfect passer rating’”McCaffrey responded. “Whoo, wow, that’s incredible, yeah, he’s a baller man,” the 49ers superstar running back continued. “He’s a baller. That’s a good defense too, so it doesn’t shock me but that’s impressive.”

Christian McCaffrey finds out about Brock Purdy’s perfect passer rating and then addresses the critics:

“I kind of hope the critics just keep coming ’cause it pisses him off and he plays really well.”

— KNBR (@KNBR) November 20, 2023

A reporter then specifically pointed to one of Purdy’s most memorable throws of the night where he hit WR Brandon Aiyuk on an absolutely perfect 76-yard touchdown to give the 49ers a 20-7 lead in the third quarter. The reporter asked if those are the kinds of throws that silence the critics.

“There’s always going to be critics, everyone in here knows that,” McCaffrey added with a grin. “I kind of like when he plays a little edgy with a chip on his shoulder, so I kind of hope the critics keep coming because it pisses him off and he plays really well.”

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Brock Purdy of the @49ers has a passer rating of 157.3 over his last 2 starts.

That’s the highest passer rating by any NFL QB over a 2-start span since QB starts were first tracked in 1950.

— OptaSTATS (@OptaSTATS) November 20, 2023


In his last two games, Purdy has a 78.4% completion percentage, 629 passing yards and zero interceptions. According to OptaSTATS, Purdy’s passer rating of 157.3  over his last two starts is the highest passer rating over a 2-start span since QB starts were first tracked in 1950

McCaffrey Defends go-to Criticism of Brock Purdy

There’s been a popular narrative amongst Purdy haters this season. It basically blames his success for being in Kyle Shanahan’s innovative offensive system and being surrounded by so much offensive talent like McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Trent Williams, George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk on offense.

The 49ers jack-of-all trades RB had a harsh response when asked about the popular criticism that sometimes it just seems like his teammates are doing all of the work.

“That’s a horrendous statement,” McCaffrey said. “That’s just never been the case, you can make that argument with any quarterback ever. I can show you the tape if we really sit down and watch it of all the amazing throws, amazing plays, off-schedule plays, checks that he’s getting to.. it starts with him.

Is Brock Purdy back in the MVP Race?

While, Purdy himself likely never believed he was out of the MVP race, it’s hard to not have him as one of the front runners taking his entire body of work this season into account.

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The 49ers QB currently ranks first in QBR, first in passer rating, first in completion percentage and first in yards per completion.

Richard Sherman had a strong take on the Purdy situation after the 49ers’ QB perfect outing over the Bucs.

“If he was a Top 5 pick, they’d be talking about him with Patrick Mahomes as the face of the league”

—@RSherman_25 heaps praise on 49ers QB1 Brock Purdy

— The Volume (@TheVolumeSports) November 20, 2023

“This is still a second-year quarterback” Sherman said. “They scrutinize this guy like he’s been in the league for a decade. He’s a second year guy and he’s playing outstanding. His touchdown to interception ratio is enormous. If he was a Patrick Mahomes, they would be talking about him like the face of the league and this is the future. But since it’s only been a year and a half all people can say is they are waiting for the falloff, but it’s been a year of consistency from this young man. Either way, if he somehow takes this San Francisco 49ers team to a Super Bowl and wins it? He’s going to take what he deserves, because he doesn’t have to ask anymore.”

If Sherman is right, and Purdy leads the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory, he will absolutely be in the NFL MVP race when the ballots are due.

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