Trump Posts First YouTube Video in 2 Years, Digs At Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump returned to YouTube soon after his account was reinstated, saying “I’m back” and taking his followers on a trip down memory lane. Trump, who notably did not return to Twitter immediately after having his account reinstated by Elon Musk, wasted little time in rejoining the YouTube platform, where he has nearly three million followers.

The video he chose was a moment of triumph for him, showing him in the glow of victory in 2016 with the cron reading the voting tallies at a moment when he was leading the popular vote, his name above that of his rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton.

This is likely to be the only video in the new YouTube era for Trump where he is within arms length of former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump’s quick return to a channel where he can still be seen denouncing the January 6 rioters and the “violence of that day” — unlike his reluctance on Twitter — may augur new plans for YouTube’s prominence in his future communications strategy.

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