Trump “Can’t Weasel Out of This” Says Fmr White House Spokeswoman

GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump announced Tuesday that his campaign will address the issue of abortion next week, just after a Florida court paved the way for a six-week ban on the procedure. 

Kate Bedingfeld, former White House Communications Director in the Biden administration, responded on CNN: “First of all, that Donald Trump answer on abortion, like, that dog ain’t gonna hunt. Okay, he is the person who put three justices on the Supreme Court who overturned Roe. He has bragged about it numerous times.”

.@KBeds: Donald Trump’s answer on abortion, that dog ain’t gonna hunt. He overturned Roe. He brags about it. He’s not going to be able to weasel out of his record on this. Don’t underestimate what a motivator abortion is, not just for Democrats, but for independents

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) April 2, 2024

Note: Trump has said, “I was able to kill Roe v. Wade.”

Bedingfeld said Trump “clearly understands the political implications but… there is no world where he is going to be able to weasel out of his record on this.”

You already made your statement, Donald.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 2, 2024

With abortion being put on the Florida ballot this November, and how the issue previously motivated voters in Kansas and Ohio to turn out to vote in favor of abortion rights, Bedingfeld warned: “I don’t think we should underestimate what a motivator this [abortion] is not only for Democrats but for Independents and moderate Republicans.”

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Bedingfeld is right, Independents are sensitive to the issue.

Last summer at an Iowa State Fair, after Democratic-turned-Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said that he would sign a federal ban on abortion after 15 weeks or 21 weeks of pregnancy, his campaign said he misunderstood the question and that “Mr. Kennedy’s position on abortion is that it is always the woman’s right to choose. He does not support legislation banning abortion.”

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