Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Pride” In Son’s “Role Playing” Mocked After She Shares Photo

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted a photo of her son Derek posing with his prey, his gun, and his camo gear, captioning the photo: “I’m so proud of my son Derek.” Popular X user AngryStaffer mocked the post, holding up various details of the photo for ridicule — ridicule that was largely echoed in the comments, even by hunting enthusiasts.

(“I love hunting but that deer is barely bigger than a dog,” wrote one.)

Greene’s son is pictured with a dead doe, an “overpriced AR” replete with LPVO, and a big smile on his painted face. The gist of AngryStaffer’s post was that the young man could have practically killed that deer by throwing a rock from a tree, and yet he brought an arsenal all out of balance with the task.

(“Facepaint and an Assault Rifle to bring down Bambi, the Terror of the Forest!” wrote another commenter.)

I’m so proud of my son Derek!

— Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) November 19, 2023

“You’re proud of your son for LARPing a sniper with sh&%ty face paint and killing a fawn with an overpriced AR with a god-awful camp pattern and a LPVO?” AngryStaffer captioned the post. “Yeah, I guess you would be.”

The LPVO stands for low power variable optic scope, which there is no proof the hunter was using.

But it’s the “LARPing” comment that’s meant to damage the ego. According to TechTarget, “LARP (Live Action Role Playing), also called LARPing, is a character-driven type of gameplay that is conducted in the physical world. LARP combines elements of improvisational acting, pervasive gaming, cosplay (costume play) and role-playing games.”

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