Eva Mendes Poses In Strapless Sponge Top, “Hilarious and Stylish”

Actress Eva Mendes is known for her roles in movies including Training Day with Denzel Washington, 2 Fast 2 Furious with Vin Diesel, and Hitch with Will Smith, among others.

When not on a TV or movie set, or spending time with her family including her partner, Hollywood movie star Ryan Gosling, and their two daughters, Mendes is promoting her business, Skura Style, a line of “smart, stylish, antimicrobial sponges.”

While many Hollywood celebrities were in Paris and Milan for the world famous fashion weeks, Mendes struck a pose in a strapless top with sponges affixed to the bust (see below).

She cleverly captioned it: “Sponge Fashion Week. Spring Cleaning 2023 Collection.” As one fan replied: “Hilarious and yet very stylish.” Another chimed in: “I love a top you can wash and wear!”

While Mendes isn’t acting these days, two-time Oscar nominee Gosling will appear next on the big screen in Greta Gerwig‘s comedy/fantasy movie Barbie with Margot Robbie in the titular role. Gosling plays Ken.

Barbie will be released in theaters on July 21.

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