Grand Theft Auto 5 RP: Best Servers for Role-Playing

With the recent surge in interest surrounding role-playing in Grand Theft Auto 5, which is due, in no small part, to the myriad of popular Twitch streamers that are currently focusing on RP, a great number of new players are certain to be looking for a server to call their home. For some of these players, getting started may feel overwhelming, and many may be left with one critical question: What is the best GTA 5 RP server to play on?

Indeed, this is a complex query to answer, as the qualities of a particular server may be perfectly aligned with one player’s desires while being in complete opposition with another player’s. That said, fans that are wanting to really experience Grand Theft Auto 5RP will likely want to find a server with a heavy commitment to role-playing.

Unfortunately, guaranteeing that everyone on a server is taking their role-playing seriously is a challenging task, and public servers may leave something to be desired for those that wish to really get into their Grand Theft Auto 5 characters. As such, the best servers for GTA 5 RP are generally those that have strict rulesets and require applications.

As mentioned, the popularity of role-playing in GTA 5 is currently at a peak, and thus these application-based servers are becoming increasingly challenging to join. That said, for those that are willing to be patient, here are three servers that are often referenced when discussing GTA RP’s best servers:

Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is a server that can host more than 200 Grand Theft Auto 5 players at a time. It has an extensive ruleset and a bevy features, including government factions and many jobs to pursue.

In order to join this server, players should follow the setup instructions detailed on the Eclipse RP website. This culminates in a quiz, but be advised that the current queue is said to be very long, and even those that successfully complete the quiz may be waiting a while before gaining access to the server.

The Family RP

The Family RP is an established server that focuses on heavy role-playing and slow story building . Currently, there is a public server that players can access through the Family RP’s website.

This public server now acts as the way for players to join the private server. Specifically, playing on the public server is to be considered the application process, and it is said that dedicated and exceptional role-players will be whitelisted.


NoPixel is the server that has prompted the recent increase in GTA RP’s popularity. With a ton of features, and Twitch streamers like Lirik, MOONMOON_OW, and Summit1G calling it home, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular servers at this time.

That said, it only supports 32 players simultaneously and gaining access requires an application through the NoPixel website, but standard applications to NoPixel are currently closed.

However, there is hope for those wanting to join the server. Namely, donors are still able to apply and have the chance to join GTA …read more

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