Arrow Season 7 Episode 18 Review: Lost Canary

Some of the most enjoyable episodes of Arrow have featured the ladies.

When the ladies of Arrow are showcased, it proves there is still a lot of life left in the Arrow franchise because of how long it took for each character to come into their own.

And Arrow Season 7 Episode 18 almost had more than a Birds of Prey fanatic could handle.

Call me crazy, but the veracity with which Arrow is winding down makes me appreciate the little moments more than ever.

“Lost Canary” was filled with moments that not only led to Laurel’s redemption, but to a better understanding of the Canaries network in the future.

It’s been over seven years of bitching and backstabbing among the Arrow fans about who was a great Canary and why, and there was no shortage of ill will for Laurel 1.0.

Sara was created out of thin air to put an obstacle into Laurel’s path to becoming Black Canary, and Caity Lotz was so good in the role fans practically rebelled when her sister (and rightful heir to the Black Canary moniker) began to ascend.

White Canary got the Waverider and Legends team on Legends of Tomorrow, a home on which she is the leader and gets to explore her capabilities and love her life without any familial interference.

Laurel 1.0 got called out again and again by fans and fellow vigilantes alike. Laurel 1.0 got killed before our eyes.

There was a kind of hell to pay, and The CW set it up so that Laurel Lance 2.0 could emerge as a badass villain. From the moment she was introduced, fans miffed with what had already rocked Laurel 1.0 wanted to see the new Laurel redeemed.

Gone were the questions about her fighting abilities. Nobody had to worry that this new Laurel was there to usurp the position originally claimed by Sara, and many still had questions about Dinah Drake.

Juliana Harkavy’s Canary felt like a Laurel replacement to fans of Katie Cassidy and the second Canary. It was easier to imagine Laurel 2.0 receiving redemption and grabbing a Canary suit for herself if she was going to step on Dinah’s toes instead of Sara’s.

And none of this leaves out the importance of Felicity Smoak to the shenanigans.

If Sara was the first Canary to deny Laurel her rightful place in the universe, Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity took away any chance Laurel 1.0 had with what comic fans believed was her rightful relationship — the one between Laurel and Oliver aka Black Canary and Green Arrow.

Early Arrow seasons were filled with strife throughout the fandom as people took up sides with and against the female characters of Arrow.

There were Sara fans, there were Laurel fans, and there were Felicity fans. For some reason, the fandom was split across the Arrowverse and as a result, what could have been a breakthrough for female superheroes on network television had a bit of a sour taste to it.

But time can heal wounds, and Laurel Lance 2.0 can finally get accepted to her …read more

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