What To Do if HBO NOW & GO Crash or Have Streaming Errors During ‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere

Many Game of Thrones fans around the world are excited about streaming Game of Thrones on HBO tonight. The Season 8 premiere could be one of the biggest moments in television history, and we can expect some developments during the episode to be “dark and full of terrors.” Fans are hoping, however, that the HBO servers for HBO NOW and HBO GO aren’t among those terrifying problems.

You might want to have a backup plan in place, just in case. Some viewers using both HBO NOW and HBO GO reported that the streaming services crashed earlier this year during True Detective‘s Season 3 premiere. Game of Thrones will no doubt have a much bigger turnout of viewers than True Detective did.

2014 ME: Aw man, I can’t watch True Detective because HBO GO crashed

2019 ME: pic.twitter.com/awE1205vtP

— Camilo Garzón (@CamiloAGarzonC) January 14, 2019

Is HBO going to crash on Sunday for the GOT premiere because it crashed for the True Detective premiere and the number of viewers for that was significantly less than what’s anticipated for Sunday ??????? @ringer @GameOfThrones

— Charlotte Klein (@kleincharlottet) April 12, 2019

GoT fans also had issues during Season 7. For some, the Season 7 finale crashed or froze multiple times. And during the Season 7 premiere, the first episode was delayed by a few minutes because of traffic. That was a couple years ago, so HBO has had time to improve its infrastructure since then.

Still, fans are so worried that they’re already tweeting and creating memes about HBO servers early:

Imagine the chaos when the HBO GO servers go down right before the premiere of GoT on Sunday pic.twitter.com/fB0vQtE20h

— Dan (@Bradtski) April 10, 2019

In just two days we find out just how powerful @HBO‘s servers are. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/95SweXXYBU

— Fred Serpico (@F_Serpico) April 12, 2019

It feels surreal that @GameOfThrones begins this weekend. @HBO please please please make sure your servers are up to this! Terrified of a loading screen.

— Michelle Kuester (@mkuester92) April 12, 2019

Still, here’s what you can do if you encounter problems.

What To Do if HBO GO or NOW Crash

First, make sure your app is updated to the most recent version. It’s best if you do this before the premiere airs. Sometimes HBO will resolve access issues but those will only be available in a newer version of the app.

If there is a problem, there are a few things you can try. Sometimes you’ll just have a load screen that you’ll need to wait on as the website lags. Other times you might need to restart the app to get it to work.

Other times, you might have better luck if you switch to a different device. Some have trouble with the website, but the episode may load fine on their iPad or phone, for example. So if one location isn’t working for you, try another device.

You might also try through a different app. For example, …read more

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