Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God is here | War of the Spark Planeswalker spoilers

Amidst a flurry of massive spoilers for the newest Magic: the Gathering set War of the Spark, the biggest player in this epic story is finally here. Today, we laid eyes on the official reveal of Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God.

Nicol Bolas was previously leaked early in spoiler season. Today, we finally saw the official reveal of the card on IGN.

The Lore

Throughout the years in Magic: The Gathering many villains have antagonized the main characters. However, none have been as iconic and powerful as Nicol Bolas. Bolas started his career as a Magic card back in “Legends” as the Legendary Creature – Nicol Bolas. He was one of five Elder Dragons released in that set and became an instant favorite for many players.

Bolas then became a Planeswalker in the “Conflux” set, where he used the Conflux to gain more power. He then took a short hiatus until appearing on Amonkhet, where he deceived the population there into believing he was a God. The Dragon Planeswalker always touted some of the most powerful loyalty abilities and his latest form is no different.

The Breakdown

The first and most important part of the Dragon-God is that his passive ability gives him “all loyalty abilities of all other Planeswalkers on the battlefield.” This effect by itself creates a huge advantage for the owner, as now that player can use the abilities of Planeswalkers they don’t even. The way the effect is worded, this means that if a player is playing Ral Zarek and Bolas has 7 loyalty counters, the owner of Nicol Bolas can flip the 5 coins and potentially take five extra turns.

Bolas’s +1 ability allows the owner to draw a card and then forces each opponent to exile a permanent on the field or a card in their hand. This card and board advantage gives you a leg up on your opponents and helps keep the Planeswalker safe.

Bolas’s -3 feels like a typical Nicol Bolas strategy, where he destroys a Planeswalker or creature on the field. This targeted removal that is difficult to avoid presents a huge threat to the opponent’s board state and, in multiplayer formats, can be used as a great bargaining tool.

The ultimate ability of Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God is the stuff of nightmares. For -8 loyalty, any opponent who does not control a Planeswalker or Legendary Creature immediately loses the game. There are a lot of powerful win conditions in Magic but this one looks to be the most devastating of them all.

How to Utilize the Card (Y’all Like 1-Turn Win Conditions?)

Another one of the cards spoiled today was a little spell called The Elderspell. This card is insane when looking at it in combination with the Dragon-God. A quick recap of The Elderspell: for two black mana you destroy any number of Planeswalkers and then put twice that many loyalty counters on a Planeswalker you control. If the dots aren’t connecting just yet, let’s break it down.

Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God enters the battlefield with 4 loyalty counters and his ultimate costs 8 …read more

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