Internet Explorer causes new exploit – Whether you use it or not

Internet Explorer has been found to cause a new Windows exploit even if you use a different web browser, TechRadar reports.

The flaw was found by security researcher John Page, who confirmed that simply having Internet Explorer on your computer is enough for this exploit to be utilised by hackers.

According to Page, the exploit allows hackers to gain access to user data stored within users’ Windows operating system installations.

Page claims to have reached out to Microsoft in March, but the company reportedly responded simply by saying that “a fix for this issue will be considered in a future version of this product or service”.

The hack reportedly exploits Internet Explorer’s tendency to save individual web pages in a .MHT format. Since newer browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox don’t allow this format, Internet Explorer is the default app used to open .MHT files.

Page explains how the exploit works below.

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