The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Bastien Moreau

I love you.

Liz said the three most powerful words in the English language to Red on The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 11, and it may have been the last thing he ever heard from the woman he loves more than life.

What Liz really wanted to know was Red’s true identity but after Red shared with her an emotional story about his childhood while he was enjoying his last meal, she changed course.

Whether or not her words were genuine doesn’t matter at this point. If Red survives, there will be more than enough time for her to learn the truth, but at that particular moment, she made the right choice.

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Red needed to hear those words. It gave him peace and made everything else disappear. Her words stayed with him as he lay on the table waiting for the lethal injection.

Her words and her image will be the last thing he ever sees in this life.

It was an incredibly emotional moment in a hugely emotional hour that saw the entire Task Force team working their butts off to save Red from execution.

Red gave the Task Force information to help expose a major conspiracy that seemed to be bigger than the Cabal that was taken down in the early seasons of The Blacklist.

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There were a lot of connections as the conspiracy began to unravel. The Corsican was involved, and we learned that people at the top weren’t happy with his failed bombing attempt on The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 2.

Even General Shiro’s nasty bugs made an appearance killing the very person Ressler and Samar were trying to protect.

It was a huge surprise to see those deadly beetles stream out of Ziegler’s mouth but it showed how dangerous this new Cabal is.

While Liz, Harold, the rest of the team might have thought the information Red gave would save the day, his purpose in relaying what he knew wasn’t an attempt to stop his execution.

It was more of a last f** you to everyone in his criminal world before he left this earth.

It’s not that he’s given up, he just knows how high the conspiracy goes. I’d bet my bottom dollar he knows the President is involved and knows that the President will do nothing to stop his execution.

Red did seem disappointed when Liz got the call from Harold about Ziegler, but he might have feigned it for Liz’s sake because he seemed pretty accepting of his fate.

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Harold was doing everything he could to convince the President to step in, but he had no idea of the President’s or his top assistant’s involvement in the conspiracy.

His tenacity to save his friend was beyond admirable especially when he was willing to threaten the President by going to the New York Times if he didn’t do something.

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