Hops Hopping: Three local brewery crawls to try for St. Patrick’s Day

By: Andrew Latimer

While the origins of St. Patrick’s Day stem from Irish religious and cultural traditions that date back centuries, the holiday has become a global excuse to drink above-average amounts of alcohol. While many people will spend this weekend exploring the inside of a toilet seat, this saint’s day is an excellent opportunity to tour through the Lower Mainland’s rich brewery scene.

Breweries offer an chance to try a wide range of interesting beers straight from the source, support local establishments that are facing rising rent prices, and get a social night out of it. There are dozens of breweries scattered across the Lower Mainland, and Vancouver in particular has had a lively craft beer scene going back decades. There are also plenty of restaurants and eateries that grow and thrive in this hoppy ecosystem, giving you all the ingredients for a fun night out.

The breweries around Main Street, East Vancouver, and Port Moody are accessible, popular, and clustered within easy walking distance. These are the three districts most suited to an exploratory brew crawl. It’s worth trying a few flights to find those beers you truly enjoy, and then you can fill up a growler and take it home with you!

Of course, please drink responsibly and don’t drive while drinking. These routes were planned with walking and transit in mind. It’s also worth pacing oneself throughout the night and grabbing food to mitigate the effects of a long crawl.

Finally, this is by no means an exhaustive or ranked list of breweries in the Lower Mainland, so edit this route based on your own tastes and experience. Without further ado, let’s get to the breweries!

East Vancouver

. (1950 Triumph Street) – Let’s start with one of the breweries that has grown and thrived the most, in the heart of East Van. Parallel 49’s beer is carried in liquor stores all across the Lower Mainland, and its large tasting room consistently fills up on weekend nights. It’s easy to see why: P 49 boasts a truly impressive selection of beers. From the smooth Craft Lager or Tricycle Grapefruit Radler to the Trash Panda or Filthy Dirty IPA, there is something for all beer-drinkers here. Get there early to beat the crowds or hang outside by the food trucks while you wait for your group’s table.

Storm Brewing (310 Commercial Drive) – The oldest craft brewery in Vancouver also may have one of the most distinct styles, encapsulated by their much-repeated review “So sketchy, but great beer!” Indeed, while the entrance looks like a parking garage and the standing-only tasting room is surrounded by vats and ingredients, the beer is top-notch. Their mainstays are good, but where Storm really shines is with their “Brainstorms,” rotating batches of beer in the most unusual of flavours. Try the favorites like the Pineapple Pilsner or Vanilla Whiskey Stout, or one of the weekly weird ones such as the Cucumber Dill Pilsner or Orange Creamsicle Ale.

Powell Brewery …read more

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